Instagram™ + Salesforce™ Integration via Zapier™: Cloud Analogy IT Services project at Qualified.One

Instagram™ + Salesforce™ Integration via Zapier™ by Cloud Analogy

Some details

In this video, we have provided a demo that how you can Integrate Salesforce™ and Instagram™ Integration through Zapier™. So here what we',ve done is just we',re taking Instagram as trigger app and as soon as a new media is posted, a new lead will be created in Salesforce Org.

Cloud Analogy is a premier Salesforce development company that helps organizations across the world in planning, designing, implementing, and

transforming Salesforce-based business solutions. We help you identify the right product and guide you with the right customizations. Cloud Analogy also helps you increase revenues by assisting you with identifying and deploying the best process workflows so that you can use Salesforce products most efficiently.

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