RCDMS System for ServeMinnesota: Coherent Solutions App Development project at Qualified.One

RCDMS System for ServeMinnesota by Coherent Solutions

Some details

AmeriCorps is a network of national service programs. Its programs are aimed at solving a variety of community problems, with a history of addressing one million requests. Minnesota Reading Corps is one of its programs administered by ServeMinnesota. It helps children prepare for Kindergarten and excel at reading by the 3rd grade. Since its launch in 2003 it has helped more than 30,000 children in Minnesota and, therefore,

contributed to closing the achievement gap.

However, the system used for recording that data eventually became outdated. Its users (educational staff and schools) founded it more frustrating rather than helpful. That’s when Coherent Solutions stepped in. In just a year it created a new RCDMS system that fulfilled client’s demands of scalability and flexibility, using AngularJS, MySQL and Amazon cloud as its main tools. Thanks to the upgrade, you won’t be able to find traces of frustration in the users’ reviews anymore.

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