Mobile App for Life Time Fitness: Coherent Solutions App Development project at Qualified.One

Mobile App for Life Time Fitness by Coherent Solutions

Some details

Before teaming up with Coherent Solutions, Life Time Fitness already had a long story of success: 113 fitness centers in 24 states and Canada, a selection of health and wellness services, products and events, 30 000+ team members. It wasn’t a beginner in finding competent development partners for its products either – its Vendor Contract Manager Sandy Garzon has seen more than enough of proposals in her 10+ years of working in

LT. That’s why, when Life Time team initiated an RFP for their new mobile app in March 2014, they had a sharp eye for the prospective mobile app developers. Coherent Solutions’ proposal won. By the words of Sandy Garzon, it “…went above and beyond”.

The app that Coherent Solutions had to develop was complex and with very tight deadlines. Bahram Akradi, LT Founder and CEO, wanted to create the company’s first mobile app that would connect to members’ heartrate. This would help provide them with highly personalized workout plans and, as a result, maximize their efficiency.

The goal was for the app to be released during summer when many started exercising outside. In June 2014, after only three months since kicking-off, Coherent Solutions released the first version of the app – LT Connect Mobile. Eric LeVin, Senior Director of Technology at LT, says that it was “one of the strongest externally developed apps we’ve ever done.”

28,000 of downloads by the end of 2014 was a win both for Life Time Fitness and Coherent Solutions. Coherent’s developers proved themselves, and over time the project expanded into 10+ teams.

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