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Blockchain Development for RealBlocks by Coherent Solutions

Some details

When Matt Grierson and Perrin Quarshie, RealBlocks founders, were searching for a team in 2017, they only had a few prototypes, a back-end solution and an ambitious idea in their hands. They envisioned becoming a finance company that would provide an Ethereum blockchain solution and bring foreign investors to real estate market in the U.S.  It was a vulnerable stage that required a strong technical team - one that understood

the challenges of a start-up and would guide in the unknown areas of programming and blockchain. Their vision was materialized when they found Coherent Solutions. The team started off with just one PHP/React.JS engineer, yet he was enough for them to trust Coherent’s expertise. “I’ve worked with 400 engineers in my past and experienced a full range of technical ability, from terrible to talented, - says Matt. – Dmitry comes deep into the talented side, even gifted one, managing to provide high quality code with incredible speed.” Eventually the team has grown to include DevOps to fully create the infrastructure, as well as UI/UX and QA resources. They need to tackle such complex nuances of the project as working with services for validating customers, smart contracts, legal aspects of blockchain and real estate. “Coherent not only allows us to use the latest technologies, such as Etherium and Solidity, - says Matt. – They also give us good recommendations based on experience and challenge our suggestions.” Their trust payed off - in early January 2019 RealBlocks raised crucial $3 mln of investments.

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