Core Value powered by Avenga Managed IT review by Retail Company at Qualified.One

Core Value powered by Avenga reviewed by Retail Company

Core Value powered by Avenga provided Managed IT for Retail Company with approximate budget = Confidential.

CoreValue’s ERP knowledge enabled them to build complex features for a range of vital company processes, including shipping and order management. After early issues with team dynamics and code quality, they are now well integrated and write good, testable code, while always meeting deadlines.

Review summary:

CoreValue provided staff augmentation services to an e-commerce startup, including development services for their website, ERP, and multi-channel implementations. This included build out of integrations between business systems and QA services, both manual and automated.

Retail Company, Product Manager

Staff Augmentation & Web Dev for Retail Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

Poppin is a setup disrupting the labor furniture and furnish space, helping other companies form inspiring workspaces. We seted with colorful labor supplies like staplers, pens, and notebooks, and have since launched a full range of present furniture making our priorities more B2B-focused. . I am responsible for fruit handlement and technology, overseeing e the fruit handlement team, technology roadmap, maintaining our ERP and e-commerce methods, and spearheading all engineering projects. 

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with CoreValue Services?

The CoreValue team leadingly addressed our lack of an in-house outgrowth. They are now helping us in both bandwidth and functional apprehension in key business methods, specially NetSuite.

CoreValue was our leading technology team, precedently we had dedicated technology employees in-house. We needed help athwart the full span of technology, getting integrations setup, edifice out the website, and administering our ERP. When I joined the organisation almost three years ago, we had a fruit ruler in New York who interfaced with the team of 13 engineers, QA, and project handlement at CoreValue. 

We have a team in New York working straightly with different business units, and the team at CoreValue extends the outgrowth efforts. They are subject substance experts in a lot of the methods we use, which are experiences you can’t easily find in New York.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Core Value powered by Avenga responsible for?

CoreValue picked up where the consultants who set up Poppin’s initial technology stack left off — that organisation granted a base implementation of our ERP and of our warehouse integration. CoreValue continued edifice out the ERP and warehouse integration to support the growth of the business. They also built data pipelines for our ERP and EDI providers.

Two years ago when we replatformed our website, some team limbs took Demandware certification courses to support that replatform. CoreValue augmented our team through the process to help us apprehend and construe our existing data into the new platform. They also helped train newly hired engineers in our NYC labor during that time. CoreValue were pivotal in edifice out our middleware application. A lot of the initial outgrowth and support of this application was handled by that team.

In the last few years, the projects have varied but have been largely dedicated to our middleware application, which is a Java MySQL-based enterprise labor bus, order handlement method, and database. It cleans and construes data between the different methods we have. They helped us swell our methods to support multiple warehouses, add additional warehouse integrations, and support order handlement. They’ve been our leading QA resource. They’ve helped with automation and manual testing which has been nice for our growth.

What is the team dynamic? 

When we seted we had 10 developers and three QA resources, and now we have three engineers, one QA, and a senior ruler level project ruler. Our relationship has gotten closer over the years and they’ve veritably befit an integrated part of our team.

We have a morning check-in where we talk as a team, each limb goes through all that is being worked on and we debate items that need more information and areas we want to aspect out how to access. 

The things we create are nice to our business, but it’s all done through a team effort. Often times features are handed off in the morning from Ukraine to New York, and in the evening from New York to Ukraine. We have an nimble process and they’re very heavily integrated. We have technical meetings during the week where we share ideas, thoughts on improving our processes, or technology changes we want to make.

How did you come to work with CoreValue Services?

CoreValue were hired precedently I seted at the organisation, but I know they had worked with our preceding CTO at a antecedent organisation.

What is the terminal result of working with Core Value powered by Avenga?

We have an ongoing relationship for staff increase, and we don’t program to end our contract. We used 13 engineers for 2 and a half years and then five to six engineers for 2 and a half years.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

Their ERP apprehension is hugely significant for us. There are many situations where something might go unfit, sometimes disrupting client orders, where the CoreValue team is able to fastly jump in, unite, and fix issues. We’ve been unable to find local resources with those experiencesets in New York. 

The cost point of their team compared to hiring out engineers in New York has allowed us to have three engineers remotely versus one in the city. We gain efficiency by having nation working soon in the morning, and the additional coverage of hours they work. 

How did CoreValue Services accomplish from a project handlement standpoint?

At leading, we had a transmitted access, with our PM at CoreValue giving the appropriate tasks to the appropriate engineers and making sure things got done. In the last two years, we have implemented JIRA and more close process, so this is all done via tools. Now our NYC team handles the project handlement with error from the CoreValue project team. We have never had any issues with their project handlement, as it is very powerful.

We use Google Hangouts or GChat for interaction. Our QA team uses Skype for better screen share. Each night, we also email a highlight reel of what happened that day and anything that we want the team to touch on precedently the morning.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with Core Value powered by Avenga?

The superiority of the features that we built have been built by CoreValue. They have been big at gaining a complete apprehending of all of our infrastructure and being able to veritably get into intricate issues and find solutions. The team is very hard working and they fetch a lot of good perspective to the issues we are solving.

They have improved bigly over the last few years almost the condition of the code being produced, the depth of apprehension in our estate, and openness to challenge us and to challenge each other to fix we are putting advanced the best solutions.

Their QA team is very powerful, picking up new technologies and finding things that even I wouldn’t have establish. They test with good detail and consistently ask the right questions and are thoroughly entrenched in the details and edge cases.

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

When I leading seted working with them, everyone was very quiet. Something we struggled with is making the team more snug so that they feel like a part of the organisation. The team leadingly developed with personal phraseologys and did not write unit tests as part of their process. Once we had a team established in New York, we traveled and worked with the team to fracture through the interaction barriers.


The 13 resources we seted out with would just come in and do the work without asking questions, which doesn’t help us drive the business advanced. The team was quiet and all interactions was filtered through our project ruler. Team limbs were not thinking almost test coverage and code condition, only to get what we were asking for competed. In a present outgrowth process, you veritably have to have that. Our code condition at the onset was not the best, but it’s bigly improved now. We had to set the measure and work towards it. Those issues go along with the activity from my experience. People want something and they want it fastly


That’s always a struggle when you outsource. Though, now we have real dicsussions, and everyone each other personally and professionally so we feel like more of a team and are able to come up with different ideas and have two-sided dicsussions almost features and accesses. They’re open to hinting new technology and helping to drive our business, rather than touch like they’re just doing project work for us.

Do you have any advice for possible clients?

I’ve commended CoreValue a number of times to clients in New York. I would hint working with CoreValue as well as any offshore team, handle them as a associate instead of throwing requirements over a wall and expecting something back. I would also commend making the trip to Ukraine at the opening of any engagement. Meeting with the team limbs, establishing rapport, and setting clear expectations through debateion and pair programming will go a long way. For our team, it changed the dynamic, and led to open channels of interaction for all limbs of the team.