DataLab USA Business Intelligence & Analytics review by Boutique Marketing Firm at Qualified.One

DataLab USA reviewed by Boutique Marketing Firm

DataLab USA provided Business Intelligence & Analytics for Boutique Marketing Firm with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

Datalab USA is a trustworthy and skilled partner. Communication is a possible area for improvement, but Datalab USA’s technical capabilities outshine this minor shortcoming. The agency delivers quality work and produces results.

Review summary:

Datalab USA contributed to projects at the state-level and nation-level. One project was the creation of a national prospect database. The agency uses data to predict and improve conversion rates.

Boutique Marketing Firm, Marketing Consultant

Database Creation for Marketing Consulting

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Introductory information

Can you give a brief description of your organisation?

I’ve been in business since 2002.  Before that, I was at Dell Computer.  I was in the database marketing team and led the team that did the second-generation marketing database for Dell Computer Americas which had almost 100 million order headers.  That experience granted me with the power to go to the special sector and do some database consulting and database marketing consulting.  About half of our clients are non-profits, almost half of our clients are for-profit companies.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I am a consultant. I don’t do any programming.

I’ve always specialized in trying to construe what’s practicable and realistic in provisions of marketing goals for using data and data analytics for whichever non-profit or for-profit companies. I establish that sometimes clients overestimate what’s practicable and sometimes they grossly underrate what’s practicable. My job is to accomplish alignments and then execute the programs.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address when working with Datalab USA?

We need to better targeting and try to get more efficient with outer interactions and more cost-effective. The main challenge is to better the conversion of donors or sales. My clients claim real ROI from these projects and it can be easily measured.

Provided solution

Can you draw the aim of the project in provisions of Datalab’s role?

The largest project they did was to form a national view database for an enterprise client. We scored the complete nation’s consumer database according to the likelihood of those households or consumers buying the fruit. 

I’ve got one Texas-wide coranswerent project that I’m commencing next week with them and I frequently do city-wide projects including one for Dallas. We’re going to do the same thing for the Texas statewide voter file in the next couple of weeks.

What was your process for selecting Datalab USA to work with?

I establish them at a MCDM conversation in 2005. I met Hans Aigner[Owner of Datalab]. I was looking to propose my clients the kind of solutions that Dell had as a big Fortune 50 organisation. I wanted to try and fetch that same level of expertise and the same level of compiled database and compiled modeling, viewing, scoring and behavioral analysis to a different set of clients. DataLab was a good fit.

Can you give us a perception of the size of the start in dollar provisions?

The project was somewhere almost $2 million with DataLab.

What was the most late project completed?

I am verity wrapping it up today.

Results accomplishd

What were the results of that project?

I ponder this goes to DataLab’s strengths, I ponder analytics is one of them. I got an extremely clean file from the client and 100 percent of the consumers and universe were scored in provisions of their likelihood beseeming persuadable or persuaded.

Datalab USA put unitedly an order cascaded in provisions of their likelihood of beseeming supporters. I just got a pivot table from them and they’re going to put the complete file starting today in a CRM solution in Texas. It worked well.

Does anything rest out as sole almost them compared to other vendors?

I ponder the good news is that DataLab is without any craft. They’re very competent and very technical and very prideful of their technical output and have high restards in provisions of what their accomplishment is and what their predictpower is and what the cleanliness of their files are. 

Is there any area that you ponder Datalab USA can better or you would do differently?

The flipside of their technical expertness is that when they get in a client environment, as I’ve had them in many occasions, their interaction can struggle. They are powerful technical minds but it’s hard to adjoin all with the client correctly.

This doesn’t crush their real points, but there is a challenge sometimes to have them properly adjoin the benefits and the real actions that some of their clients can take behind they have occupied DataLab. It’s significant that the end user have these things adjoind to them properly.

I just hope DataLab continues to grow.  I ponder they will.  I want them to grow in different directions or handle their teams in a different way and that the net reaction of it, is they can answer a pliant quicker to some of the opportunities that come up for their clients.