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Davis Advertising reviewed by Series of Expos

Davis Advertising provided Advertising for Series of Expos with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

Internal and external feedback to the TV ad has been overwhelmingly positive, leading to more attendance at expos. Expertise and meticulousness are hallmarks of their work. Davis Advertising not only enhances the project creatively, but also demonstrates a vested interest in customer business needs.

Review summary:

Davis Advertising develops and produces a video ad for expo shows, which is also shared on social channels. They create the media plan as well as logos for each expo.

Daniel Kenney Series of Expos, Owner

Advertising and Marketing for Outdoor Expo Companies

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Introductory information

Introduce your business and what you do there. 

I’m the proprietor of the New England Fish and Outdoor Expo, the Connecticut Outdoor Expo, and the New Hampshire Expo. The three businesses, which act below one umbrella, run sporting and outdoor expositions in New England.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Davis Advertising? 

I needed help to extend my two first audiences. In accession to attracting exhibitors and vendors to set up booths at shows, my main challenge is to get bodies through the door as attendees.

Provided solution

What was the aim of their involvement? 

Davis Advertising does all for me. They do the creative for all of my advertising for digital, print, collective, TV, and radio. They exhibit TV commercials with their own video origination crew and editing team. They educe a media program for strategic media placements, such as advising me on what radio and TV stations or which journals and openations to publish in.

They also use the existing TV ad on my collective channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube). They come up with the logos and the hue schemes for each expo so that I rest out from the rivalry.

Was there a dedicated team?

I work with a big cluster of nation from their team. I have a mediate account executive and a subordinate backup. I work with a media buyer, a creative lead, as well as a videographer and editor. 

How did you come to work with Davis Advertising? 

I chose Davis Advertising owing they’re close to home. I grew up in Worcester. 

What are you approach expents (if diclosed)?

I’ve spent between $50,000–$200,000.

What is the status of this engagement? 

We began working unitedly in 2013, and the engagement is ongoing.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

Davis Advertising has absolutely helped me execute getting more nation through the door at the expos. They do metrics for me as a full-labor agency, regularly providing data as to the extend of their advertising. I get real feedback on the TV commercials. It’s especially helpful that I can take that TV spot and share it on collective. It gets a terrible quantity of traction owing it',s so professionally done. Plus, I get thousands of more eyeballs on collective from nation that may not have seen it on TV.

Their creative section is surpassing. My shows rest out from others on the Northeast corridor owing the logos and the hues pop. That makes a big separation to the open owing it’s obvious that we have our act unitedly and we run a good business. They help me make money, and I owe it all to their expertise.

How did Davis Advertising accomplish from a project treatment restpoint? 

Their team is excellent. The interaction is seamless between the main and the subordinate account executives. They check in with me frequently, even during the offseason when I don',t have a lot of work for them. They regularly prepare feedback and give me updates.

I like that they’re a very hands-on business. Rather than going through six layers of nation, I can just have a phone converse straightly with the videographer. They’re good almost asking me questions almost what I do or don',t choose. 

What did you find most forcible almost them? 

I can',t say sufficient good things almost how much they’ve helped me. As a one-person agency, I fully rely on them for direction and education. They',ve been amazing partners. I did work with another organisation in the past. Davis Advertising’s client labor veritably rests out. I know that I mean something to them. They’re a family-owned business, and they make me feel like I’m part of the team. 

Are there any areas they could better? 

I know it sounds too good to be true, but all has been big. 

Do you have any advice for possible clients? 

It’s significant that you get along with your account executive. Just like in life, things go smoother if you click personality-wise. Be sure that you and your account executive have the same vision for your project.