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Most businesses struggle to communicate complex ideas. At DemoFlick, we create custom, effective animated videos that simplify complex ideas and move your audience.    Finding an animation studio can feel like a house of mirrors––it’s hard to find creat

DemoFlick = Custom Made Explainer Videos!

Our story is quite simple.
A few ’creatives’ from an agency joined together back in 2011 and started producing animated video content.  The goal at that time was to educate amp; engage visitors with an interesting yet quirky two dimensional story.  The emergence of animation as a tool to convert was a new thing at that time.   The term ’explainer video’ didnt even exist.  Video content back then was rudimentary amp; included simple story telling techniques that kept visitors engaged.

Fast forward to today.  DemoFlick has been able to stay on the forefront of design with award winning video content.  Now a thriving company made up of designers illustrators animators copywriter sales production coordinators and more.   We hang our hats on our reputation with several long term clients ranging from start ups to Fortune 500s.  The product line has also expanded over the years now including Motion Design Videos Character Based Animations Web Tutorials Mobile App Demos Animated Typography and more.

We do it all from detailed How It Works videos to high level Value Proposition pitches. Our style can vary from funny to serious very cartoony to stick figure even 3D. As weve helped hundreds of companies tell their story one common question always emerges: ’How do I better explain our message…so its easy to understand and engaging?’ This is what we do. Its really quite simple.

We combine strong messaging interesting talent beautiful illustration thoughtful animation and tons of care so our clients message comes through clearly leaves a memorable impression.   Give us a Try!

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