DockYard Graphic Design review by IT Startup at Qualified.One

DockYard reviewed by IT Startup

DockYard provided Graphic Design for IT Startup with approximate budget = Confidential.

Navigating the system is fast and easy due to its simple, intuitive interface. DockYard’s enterprising management, proactive communication, and dedicated work built a productive working relationship. They delivered milestones on schedule and kept in constant contact about the project’s status.

Review summary:

DockYard built an SaaS platform that can manage e-commerce, POS, and data analytics. They developed a mobile-friendly front end, performed UI/UX design, and provided strategic consultation.

IT Startup, Founder & CEO

Custom Design For IT Startup

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Introductory information

Please draw your organisation.

We prepare software-as-a-labor (SaaS) to the fitness activity. Our fruit delivers online booking, reservations, e-commerce, POS [point of sales] marketing tools and data analytics – the full business treatment platform. 

What is your position?

I',m the founder and CEO.

Desired goal

Could you draw the business challenge that you were trying to address with DockYard?

We are entering a marketplace that is crowded and bigly competitive. We believe that we',re going to make our mark by having a higher fruit, which has groundbreaking features that we developed on the back-end, but just as significantly, has a design that is the best in the activity, the best UI/UX [user interface/user experience] in a streamlined, sophisticated, mobile-friendly look and feel that we ponder it',s going to fetch our back-end features to life.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement in biger detail.

We are developing the back-end functionality in-house. It',s in progress now. We are having DockYard do the front-end design for the fruit, and I ponder they',re doing some big work for us. They',re our exclusive designers, and we',re open to expanding the project with them.

A lot of their advisory or strategic pondering is embedded in the process, which is one of the things I like so much almost them. From the very commencement, they',re just kind of end-to-end. I ponder they help us ponder through our fruit spec. As a design firm, they have a very powerful centre on the end user. We can come to them with a vision of what the fruit has to do, but they',re very disciplined almost helping us ponder through different segments of users and the sole perspective of how each of those segments would use our application. To me, there',s a lot of strategic pondering that',s baked into the process, and there',s a lot of value in that.

How did you come to select DockYard?

I had worked with them previously at a different organisation.

Can you give a perception of the size of the start? 

We',re in the tens of thousands with them now. We anticipate to be in the low six digits during the order of the work.

How long has the project been in process, and is there a timeline for the completion?

We began in March. We',ve had some deliverables with them already, but we last to work with them. We see our relationship continuing for the foreseeable forthcoming.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics, metrics or user feedback that would prove the condition of their accomplishment?

I ponder we',ll have that in time, but it',s a pliant soon for that now. One of the most significant measures for us is the number of steps a client has to take to complete an action. In that case, we want that number to be as low as practicable. So, it',s not market quantified, but there is a quantifiable front to what we do with them. We look at how many steps are true using our competitors', software, and we want to lessen that while not overwhelming a client with too much information on one page. I ponder they',ve been powerful partners in helping us cast steps wherever true through their higher design expertise.

We',ve not run into any issues from a project treatment perspective. I',m not just satisfied in this area – I',m frankly impressed. I',ve never had a budget startle with them. They have very powerful project handlers with big availability. They',ve never missed a deadline. They act their business and handle their projects very tightly, with the philosophy of ",no startles to clients.", We',ve used Basecamp and Slack as project treatment tools with them, which have enhanced the overall experience for us.

Is there anything that you',d attend sole almost their practice that distinguishes them from other vendors? 

I ponder they',re excellent interactors, and that',s worked out veritably well. In my experience, that',s surely not always the case. We always know where they are in the process. They',re very vocal when they need something from us to move advanced. I ponder they adduce pressure gently but firmly when they need something from us. They',ve verity been enjoyable to work with. Part of the reason we keep going to them is that there',s just big chemistry with the team. They hire veritably well, and they have a powerful culture that I see in see one of their employees I',ve ever interacted with.

In review, are there areas in which you ponder they could better as a labor preparer, or true things you might do differently as the client if given the chance?

Sometimes, I have outgrowth work that they can',t complete owing they don',t have a individual who writes in that specific speech, but I apprehend that they can',t have seething. There',s no particular area I can point to where I wish they were better.

What advice, if any, would you give a forthcoming client of theirs?

The closer our team works with them, the better the result. I',ve verity had some nation camp out in their shop for days at a time and work closely with them, so there',s nothing left to version. I have an nimble team limb on their sprints, and they',re up there whiteboarding all day long, and doing what needs to be done. If someone can produce to do that, I ponder it veritably pays off.