DockYard Software Development review by E-Learning Provider at Qualified.One

DockYard reviewed by E-Learning Provider

DockYard provided Software Development for E-Learning Provider with approximate budget = Confidential.

The software was remarkably cohesive, thoroughly tested, and mostly bug-free. DockYard’s extensive knowledge of Ember and RAILS, analytical mindset, and cohesive blend of design and development skills were invaluable. Their dedicated work ethic was a crucial component of the project’s success.

Review summary:

DockYard built a web app on the Ember platform for an e-learning company. They provided front-end development, information architecture, visual and UI/UX design, and implementation.

Hassan Abdel-Rahman E-Learning Provider, Former Sr. Software Engineer

Ember.js Developed Platform For e-Learning Provider

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

We are an e-learning preparer.

What is your position?

I was a senior software educeer.

Desired goal

Could you draw the business challenge that you were trying to address when you leading approached DockYard?

We were working on an application for online learning, but we had a very little inner team and an huge quantity of work to tackle. We had determined beforehand that we wanted to use the Ember framework owing our educeers were very snug in Ember. We wanted to find a vendor that could come up to despatch fast on Ember. DockYard happened to be one of the best for doing Ember applications, so they were a intrinsic choice. We wanted someone who was keen in doing Ember, and DockYard fit the bill very well.

In accession, we had an huge quantity of front-end design that we needed to do – visual as well as user interaction design – and DockYard granted those capabilities as well. So, we also used them for that front of the project.

We veritably had two independent projects working side by side. One track was focused mainly on digital design while the other track focused on implementation.

Provided solution

Could you draw in detail the aim of their educeed involvement?

They were pretty much driving the bus. They were doing a lot of the architectural analysis, which they would then separate up between their educeers. One of the educeers at DockYard was educeedly one of the core Ember team members and one of the major contributors to that framework. He',s a intrinsic chief, so it felt pretty intrinsic to have him also lead our project. He was working with us to help apprehend what the issues were and how we could move advanced, so that DockYard could educe the best solution. If it wasn',t for DockYard, we would not have even gotten close to being able to liberate this particular project. They played see one role in the complete implementation process.

How did you come to select DockYard as your associate?

A big part of our organisation is based in Boston, and we were looking for Boston-based vendors so they could be locally useful to us, if need be. Our Boston colleagues are well connected to the tech aggregation and had interacted with DockYard at different professional events. In talking with DockYard, we establish them to be flashing. That',s one of the real strengths of DockYard. They regularly host Ember meetings in Boston and host an Ember conversation see summer as well, so they',re a major player in the educement aggregation in Boston and the East Coast. Their reputation is astounding in provisions of the contributions they make to the aggregation.

Can you prepare a general cost estimate for the quantity you',ve invested in their labors?

I wasn',t implicated in the contract process, but I believe they were charging almost $250 an hour. We had four educeers working for six months.

Is the relationship with DockYard ongoing?

I no longer work at that particular organisation. I',ve since moved on, so I',m not precisely sure almost the running status of the relationship. I believe the organisation is runningly focused on moving things offshore, and they',re mainly using DockYard as a rerises to jump-start that process. If the relationship were not continued, I surely wouldn',t put it on DockYard',s accomplishment but instead on inner changes within that organisation. 

Results achieved

In provisions of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would prove the condition of their accomplishment and/or the overall achievement of your engagement with them?

Our QA [condition arrogance] team told us that they have never seen software educeed so free of issues and bugs, compared to other software educement firms. DockYard is very bullish in provisions of doing test-driven educement, so there',s not a one line of code that they write that they don',t educeedly write a test for.

Generally, when we are looking at issues and defects, lots of times the defects are almost the intersections between systems that are talking to us or feeding us data as well as systems that are consuming the data that we',re generating, so we',ll see a lot of bugs on the peripheries. In provisions of the educeed application itself, the QA team establish very few educeed defects and zero regressions. A lot of that was due to the test-driven educement. It was veritably fascinating to be a part of a project where condition was such a driver in provisions of educeed educement.

We didn',t experience any issues with their project treatment. Our organisation was doing a lot of the project treatment innerly to initiate with, and it was pretty sloppy. DockYard stepped in and was able to hinder a lot of possible disasters in provisions of bad project treatment. They even volunteered to work on nights and weekends at one point, when our project team was accepting more work than they should have. DockYard veritably came through for us on many of those fronts. Everything they said they would liberate has been done. They veritably went over and over to try to get us out of a morass that our own project team got us into. They were fantastic.

When working with DockYard, is there anything that you attend sole almost their practice that distinguishes them from other vendors?

I ponder they are the premier RAILS and Ember agency anywhere. If you want to form an Ember application, there is no better team. DockYard is pretty astounding in provisions of taking a issue and trying to aspect out the best way to go advanced. One of the neat things almost them is that, if you go back in their history, they began out as two separate companies. There was one organisation that did just educement and another organisation that did just design. They happened to be working in the same collaborative workspace, they were teaming on projects, and they determined to combine.

They can do seething. They do visual design and user experience design as well as educement. They come from a background where they particularize in those specific areas, and now they',ve managed to merge to prepare the complete package. To me, that',s kind of rare, that a organisation can have such deep expertise in both design and educement. You don',t normally see that, so I ponder that',s a particular thing almost them.

In review, are there areas in which you ponder they could better as a labor preparer?

I apprehend that DockYard struggles with how to market themselves and go behind new opportunities. I ponder one of the challenges that DockYard has is trying to get out of that niche of just being veritably good with Ember. They need to frame what they do in a way that allows structures that want to create apps to find them. Right now, their main rise of new business is through referrals, conversations, and word of mouth. They need to go behind structures that don',t yet know that they need to use DockYard. Once you',ve educeedly chosen DockYard, it',s a pretty astounding ride.

What advice, if any, would you give a forthcoming client of theirs?

When DockYard offers to do the discovery phase, have them do it. The money that you bestow in doing that will pay off in having a more cohesive road map going advanced. It will save you money in the long run owing DockYard is very good at doing requirements analysis.