Elsevier - Knovel Redesign: DOOR3 Design project at Qualified.One

Elsevier - Knovel Redesign by DOOR3

Some details

Elsevier hired DOOR3 to re-design Knovel, their premier product for the chemical engineering industry. This project employed an iterative approach that put users – and experience - first.

This means we began the project brainstorming all possible features... then talking to actual customers to hear their thoughts on which features they found valuable.

Based on these conversations we were

able to prioritize these features and as a next step, we created simple wireframes for customers to review – ‘testing’ our feature assumptions.

After each design iteration, returned to these customers and obtained feedback on the designs. Once wireframes and requirements were tightly defined, we moved into visual design.

DOOR3',s work with Elsevier earned us the coveted WMA WebAward for outstanding achievement in Web development.

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