AIG - Data Visualization System: DOOR3 Design project at Qualified.One

AIG - Data Visualization System by DOOR3

Some details

DOOR3 created high-quality data visualization and dashboarding best practices for the firm’s new evidence-based department, AIG Science.

AIG is an American multinational insurance corporation serving 98% of Fortune 500 companies. AIG’s Science Team is made up of statisticians, computer engineers, and modelers who create automated solutions that address business strategies with available data.   DOOR3 developed a standardized design and technology approach to optimize usability and accessibility for business critical dashboards created by the department.   Deliverables
  • Best practices for data visualization and dashboarding
  • Information architecture &, interaction design best practices
  • Brand &, style guidelines
  • Reusable code framework
  • Consistent and user-friendly visual design applicable to all AIG dashboards
  • One dashboard designed by DOOR3 is growing to become a business critical application across all AIG departments

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