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Duncan Channon reviewed by DriveTime

Duncan Channon provided Advertising for DriveTime with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

Over 5 years, the ads contributed to 20% annual growth in organic leads and sales have tripled since the start of the engagement. Duncan Channon works closely with an internal team, ensuring the work achieves goals and building trust. The team is able to speak about business and creative concepts.

Review summary:

Duncan Channon provides creative work for three TV ads per year in order to increase brand awareness and website traffic. The team has developed continuous characters that have been implemented in dealerships.

Scott Worthington DriveTime, Vice President of Marketing & Brand Strategy

TV Creative for Automotive Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I’m the VP of marketing and brand strategy at DriveTime Automotive Group. We are a national used car dealership and finance organisation. We have 140 dealerships privately held below the DriveTime brand. We gain nation who are interested in purchasing a car, usually those who have less than consummate credit and propose them a vehicle and a financing solution.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Duncan Channon?

Our goal was to increase our fundamental client conversions. So, even more than just brand awareness, we wanted to convert possible car buyers into leads or finance applications on our website. In general, the goal was to drive more clients to our website and ultimately to the dealerships.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Duncan Channon responsible for?

The relationship has primarily been almost TV creative. We have a pretty strong by on national cable and local scattered. It’s our largest marketing channel in how we extend our clients by far. The aim of the project was to drive leads, belowstand our clients, how they ponder, what motivates them, and how we emotionally connect with them and then construe that into three new TV commercials a year. So, the transmitted media side of our business has been their first centre.

We were starting from scratch. We had a campaign that lasted almost five years, and then we were two or three years into switching up the campaign but not having a lot of achievement. We were looking for Duncan Channon to come in and find our tone as we last to evolve our fruit proposeing. We had some changes in the business, and we were able to unbundle our warranty from our vehicle cost, so it gave us lower vehicle pricing, which is something we didn’t have precedently. We were trying to aspect out how to position ourselves in the market with that change and to find our tone.

Duncan Channon is primarily the creative agency and seething that goes in with that, from the strategizing to producing the ad. We work with a separate agency on media locatement. This was specifically almost finding our brand tone. We’ve constantly worked with Duncan Channon on this project for the last five years.

The tone lasts over just the TV creative. We’ve augmented and lastd that tone in-store. We weren’t able to use the characters in our commercials in print, but we did instrument some pictures in a separation of ways. It has befit something that our clients connect with when they come to our stores.

We do three TV ads per year with Duncan Channon. The creative process starts in March, and the TV ads usually go live in soon October.

How did you come to work with Duncan Channon?

We were in a hectic locate and trying different agencies. We determined to take a step back and look at how we could go almost selecting an agency. For us, it was almost connecting with the nation that work there. We went to Pile and Company out of Boston [treatment consulting firm], and they aggregated almost 50 agencies. We cut that down to 15, and then we met with the top three, including Duncan Channon. They were the agency that we connected with, so they won the business.

How much have you invested with Duncan Channon?

We’ve invested over $1 million to date with Duncan Channon.

What is the terminal result of working with Duncan Channon?

We began working unitedly in May or June of 2012, and the relationship is ongoing. We’re currently on our fifth campaign with Duncan Channon.

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the fruitivity, condition of work, or the contact of the engagement?

We measure our business with fundamental lead growth, which is a client coming through our website and belowstanding the brand, and we do that on a same-store basis. We also look at our same-store leads during a specific time. Over the time we’ve worked with Duncan Channon, we’ve had a 20% annual growth rate see year in fundamental leads. We’ve more than tripled our sales since we’ve worked with them, going from almost 50,000 sales to over 150,000 this year. We’ve had five very achievementful years, and a lot of that is attributed to the marketing efforts. 

Our work this year is connecting with the client at a wonderfuler rate than any of the past work. We’re seeing upwards of 30–40% lead growth this year since we launched the new campaign.

How did Duncan Channon accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

When we began working with Duncan Channon, we were upfront almost our preference to be implicated. We’re not going to fling a bunch of ideas over the wall to them, let them go off into their factory, and then come back with the ideas three months later, and not be on the same page. So, very soon on, we began a process with them that we call ‘the sausage factory.', We get in and see how the creative is being made, ensuring it moves in a course we both feel good almost. From a project treatment standpoint, I ponder that’s sole compared to other agencies.

The openness is hard sometimes, specifically in creative. We’ve built an surpassing quantity of confide through that process. We can get in there and battle the battles unitedly and come out with work of which we’re both extremely arrogant. It’s been a union throughout the years, and it lasts to get better. We have full approach to all the creatives that the team works on, and that’s been our recipe for achievement.

Duncan Channon',s team meets all our expectations. We’ve had some sole and challenging things, intercourse with music rights and big artists, very close deadlines, and big egos. We’ve managed that unitedly. We push when we need to, and seeone gets to the complete line. When we have time, we let it breathe. I can’t ponder of an occurrence that hasn’t ultimately gone as programned. We’ve met see deadline we set for the team.

What did you find most forcible almost Duncan Channon?

I would say it’s their power for the creatives to converse to business nation and business concepts and esteem those, ingest them, and let that contact their work. That’s made a big separation. Their CMO works on our account, and I’m able to talk intricate business issues with him as well as creative, then have that merge. They’re upfront and honorable almost what they do and don’t belowstand almost the business. They take that information, go to our dealerships, and acquire how it works. That has been particular for me, being able to have meaningful dicsussions from a business perspective and then see that valued and wove into the solution that comes during the creative process.

Are there any areas Duncan Channon could better?

I wish I had something to weigh out the review, but Duncan Channon is the agency I’ve worked closest with and has had the biggest contact on our structure. We’re veritably excited see time we get to work with them.