Augmented Reality Social Network: EMERGE Digital Design project at Qualified.One

Augmented Reality Social Network by EMERGE

Some details

The recent developments in the augmented reality space have opened up many new use cases to apply this exciting technology to the real world. The Markies app challenges users to leave their mark on the real world by taking or uploading photos and placing them into the AR space, in front of landmarks, buildings, or really anywhere they want. Users can explore their friends’ and public images as they explore the real world,

augmenting reality with their own and others’ view of it.

Emerge’s job was to design and build a cutting edge mobile application. We designed an intuitive user interface built around an augmented reality experience and solved design challenges around onboarding users into AR interaction patterns that most people are unfamiliar with. Once we solved this challenge we merged the resulting UX with a bespoke social network design, using best practices we identified from multiple popular social networks.

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