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End Point reviewed by Mobixa

End Point provided Web Development for Mobixa with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

The site’s conversion rates were excellent, and the quality of the site was fantastic. End Point has a large talent pool to utilize and excels at thinking strategically to solve clients’ problems. The team is communicative and reliable, which has been the basis of this long-term relationship.

Review summary:

End Point created a website to promote the refurbishing of mobile phone handsets. The team focused on developing a usable and aesthetically pleasing site while also working on SEO.

Mobixa, Former Consultant

Custom Ruby on Rails Development for Mobile Device Refurbishing Startup

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Introductory information

Could you draw your preceding structure?

I was working as a consultant for Mobixa, sort of an acting chief technology official. Mobixa was a new division or project, if you will, that was a part of a larger organisation that refurbishes mobile phone handsets.

Desired goal

Could you draw the business challenges you were attempting to address at the time you initiated the relationship with End Point?

Being a brand new business in a crowded space, it was very significant that the website had extremely good uspower and was aesthetically pleasing. We were innately a setup trying to contend with some well-established market players. It was significant that we felt like we were running with the big boys. We were also trying to move into the state-of-the art kingdom in provisions of uspower and functionality. There was important SEO [search engine optimization] implicated in their marketing program, so we had to make sure all of our full was optimized for it.

Provided solution

Could you draw the aim of this project? For entreaty, did it implicate manner visual design, backend outgrowth, training, and support?

We used a wide breadth of labors from End Point. I’ve been working with End Point for a long time on different projects. When I have something existing, they’re my go-to nation for Web outgrowth and design. I’ve known some of the guys at End Point for a very long time. They came up with some very skillful and inexpensive ways of quick prototyping our idea. Working with them, I was able to get a prototype of our idea in just a week or two in order to try the concept for the client. From there, the aim kept increasing, and End Point was able to fetch more and more nation in different disciplines onboard. We had a project director, we had a couple of Ruby developers, and we had a frontend developer and a picturesque designer. By the end of it, End Point had contributed to each and see ingredient of the project.

How did you select End Point as your solution associate?

As I’d mentioned, I’ve been working with them for excellently a while. I can barely recall how I was leading introduced to them, but I ponder it was through some basic investigation and word-of-mouth direction.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of this set in monetary provisions?

In total, it cost between $60,000 and $65,000.

When was the project completed?

I’m going to say it was probably artistic 18 months ago. Not last fall, but the fall precedently that [in 2012].

Results achieved

In provisions of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would prove the effectiveness of the work they’ve delivered?

The conversion rates that we observed from the visitors to the website were very good. Unfortunately, the underlying business did not ultimately follow. The parent organisation that was investing in this went out of business for reasons unrelated to our project. We were never able to see it come to full reaping. The marketing resources that they were budgeting for were never brought to bear. But, all soon indications were very real, and as I',d mentioned, the condition of work was fantastic. 

When working with End Point, is there anything you’d attend particular or sole almost their access or outgrowth methodology that distinguishes them from other vendors you’ve worked with?

The main thing that sets them aloof is the condition of their work and their genius pool. Most of the time that you’re going to hire a consulting firm for outsourced software engineering or Web outgrowth, you aren’t going to get the caliber of developer that you’d get with End Point. I have a lot of experience working with outer outgrowth teams, and End Point is in a class by itself. I’ve never had an effect with condition, and their developers are more than code monkeys. They’re strategic ponderers with the power to explain intricate issues from the client’s standpoint.

In review, are there areas you ponder they could imtry upon as a labor preparer, or things you’d do differently as the client precedently initiating a project of this essence?

Right out the gate, we did have a pliant stumble where the guy that I’d been working with at the set, the one that came up with some very skillful solutions, abruptly left the firm and left us hanging. Several days went by, and I hadn’t heard from him. I was left wondering what’s going on. It wasn’t long precedently another limb of the End Point team reached out and apologized on their side and explained the locality. They were able to make it right fairly fast, and we didn’t end up losing a lot of momentum, but it was rather unnerving right at the commencement. That said, I don’t ponder there as anything they could have done to hinder those circumstances.