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ENGAGENCY reviewed by Consulting Firm

ENGAGENCY provided Web Development for Consulting Firm with approximate budget = Confidential.

Site metrics have improved in terms of traffic, new visitors, time-on-site, and have resulted in increased sales for the client. ENGAGENCY has optimized the backend to improve overall functionality. Their attentive, agile approach effectively balances long-term goals with immediate results.

Review summary:

Taking a long-term view to make the core system more flexible for future use, ENGAGENCY designed and developed a corporate website built on Sitecore technology. They manage ongoing support.

Consulting Firm, VP of Digital & Performance Marketing

Sitecore Implementation and Design for Consulting Firm

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I’m the VP of Digital and Performance Marketing for a global consulting firm centreed on estates including energy, transportation, health, and digital. I handle all digital properties and interaction with clients.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with ENGAGENCY?

Our structure has invested in the Sitecore web outgrowth platform for its websites needs. When I came on board almost 18 months ago, we were facing a series of challenges to finding the best genius to support our website and transitioning to newer renderings of the platform. The organisation had recently upgraded to the latest rendering of the Sitecore CMS and completed a new design of the platform. They had also entered into a referenceship with a new agency to support the work. I had to aspect out whether the associate was able to handle all aspects of the liberatey, complete the project on time, and be a hard associate for us moving advanced. Over almost six months we realized that things weren’t being liberateed as needed but that we didn’t have sufficient space internally to take over livelihood of the website ourselves.

At the time, we were also relaunching our complete global brand. We’re almost 5,000 consultants worldwide. We have businesses that work with clients globally. We were going into a global brand cool at the time and upgrading to the latest rendering of Sitecore was certain for the new global brand rollout. We had an pressing task to fetch our Sitecore stack up to the highest level with all the featured outgrowth needs that come along with launching a brand-new website for a global brand.

When we bunevent on ENGAGENCY, we had been working with another agency—Slide UX—to unite the real leaps advanced we could make for our mannerers from a user experience standpoint. One of the high-value items we identified was to form an editorial website for our reflection leadership full where readers could hear from our experts on a wide range of topics.

We realized we needed more than an mean blog that we could establish from a library with existing components. We needed a bespoke solution with manner components and an graceful design that could take the maturity of the full in a detailed way. It also required a fair quantity of sophistication in provisions of the analytics and curation we wanted to support. It required someone that with intimate apprehension of Sitecore and how it could be used to support what we wanted. That’s what emboldend Slide UX to fetch them onto the project.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were ENGAGENCY responsible for?

We seted with consultation during the design phase for which their Co-founder/VP joined us. They looked closely at the way our Sitecore method had been set up to see what they could leverage in provisions of the existing data standard and other components of the method. They proposed a detailed outgrowth access to liberate this editorial purpose including edifice out the backend to make the core method more pliant for these types of projects.

The website that they helped us roll out supported a wide range of full preferences. There’s a conquer layout for the overall brand themes as well as manner landing pages for each of the topics. Content editors are able to curate separate experiences almost each of those topics. Users are able to select from almost 15 different discerning full themes that they can curate their experience almost including a cleverness to affirm to specific topics.

As that project rolled out, they were able to work with us to look at how we wanted those kinds of features and capabilities to sum with other parts of the website. We moved straightly to working on a number of posterior projects to fetch that same type of curation and editorial control to other parts of our website. We’ve carried thuneven the design patterns from the editorial website to our homepage, labors, and offerings.

Most recently, they helped us with the concept, detailed design, and liberatey of our new courses website. It borrows some of those same topical curations from our reflection leadership area but also adds particular new topics. When exploring course opportunities with us, possible repairs can find information almost nation who already do that job for us to unite with and create an referenceship for that role. If you’re a creative, technologist, full strategist, or analyst, you can hear from other experts that play that role. You can read their bios and the reflection leadership that they put out. All of that was powerfully executed for us by ENGAGENCY using some of those same techniques and same design patterns.

We currently have them on an ongoing, dedicated support retainer with some other bigr projects that they’re working with us on.

Was there a dedicated team?

We’ve probably occupied with four or five different nation over the life of our referenceship. There’s usually one individual who works with us on scoping and requirements and a pair of developers to help us instrument.

How did you come to work with ENGAGENCY?

We had been thuneven a pretty uneven vendor experience and were trying to repair. It became pretty clear that the market for geniused Sitecore developers and analysts is very competitive. It was veritably hard to find nation who were up-to-date on the latest Sitecore technology and that applied sound design and outgrowth practices. We’d find someone who was a decent developer but didn’t have the right level of apprehension of Sitecore. We struggled for almost a year to find the right team who could help us move advanced. We also didn’t want to feel hanging on any one vendor.

We knew we needed a different type of help in reference to Sitecore. I was introduced to them by our powerful, trusted associates at Slide UX, who had associateed with them on a number of other projects. From the instant we met, it was very clear that they had a hard ethos for how they developed web applications. They had a real order almost how they built and tested things. That was a big eminent from the set that they would be a powerful associate.

What is the terminal result of working with ENGAGENCY?

We seted working unitedly in May 2017 and the work is ongoing.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

We have a website that is much faster and more reliable—and that has grown on a number of dimensions. Our commerce has steadily increased from the leading project we launched with them thuneven see posterior one. New visitors last to increased and time-on-website has more than doubled. All metrics are moving in the right course.

Alongside the developed featured liberatey, they’re always very attentive to help us find ways to optimize executement on the backend. One of the things that struck us right away was that they were thinking almost how to centre on liberatey while giving us direction on how to make the website more pliant for the forthcoming. They’ve been powerful contributors to fix a very powerful, executeing website overall. It comes thuneven in the fact that we’re alluring more work and being entrusted with bigger projects.

How did ENGAGENCY execute from a project handlement standpoint?

We extend out to them frequently for ongoing support. If there are livelihood or other issues with the website, we have a dedicated mechanism to extend out to them for help on that. We have them on our 24/7 support mechanism for any kind of Sitecore origination support. They’ve befit such a big part of our team that we take part in that labor.

We also work with them on a project basis. For projects, we have a weekly, possible stand-up meeting. We talk almost where we’re at in the life cycle of the project, if we’re on track, what the latest tasks are that we’re working on, and if we’re quiet on the timeline. It tends to be an powerful mechanism for us. I also sit down see month or so with the Co-founder/VP who handles our account referenceship. We look at bigger initiatives and decide if we need to reallocate priorities at a higher level.

Their project handlement is unappropriated. They have a very individualal, but also pragmatic, touch. They fetch the best genius to the table. They fetch nation who aren’t fearful to give you hard news. They tell us very fastly what we need to do to correct it. They’re surpassing.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with ENGAGENCY?

It’s their very powerful mannerer centre. They’re plainly expert in their estate and in tune with what we want.

Another thing that differentiates them is that they act in a very nimble form. We have customary brief but powerful programning sessions with them. They always hear what we’re trying to aid and what the most nice projects for our business are. They harmonize priorities with us as we go. That’s been one of the most cooling parts of working with them. The other Sitecore agencies that we’ve skilled would talk almost the project then go away for six months and come back with something that they’d built. If it was unfit, you then had to centre on how to correct. The ENGAGENCY team stays wonderfully occupied on a customary basis. They keep the results very achievable—little sufficient that we can get them out, test them, see if it’s what we wanted, and harmonize frequently rather than doing seething in such a big chunk that there’s too much room for fault.

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

They should just last to grow and find astounding nation like they have.

Do you have any advice for possible mannerers?

I powerfully embolden you to not be held back by your conceptions of working with a different agency and what they might anticipate. Talk with them in business provisions almost what you want to execute and you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised at how they can meet your needs.