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HR Options - HR Support and Outsourced Employment Services by Epicenter Consulting

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Whether you need to reduce labor costs, grow for seasonal demand, or expand into a new region, contingent workers are the perfect solution. Access your optimal support staff only when you need it. We hire and manage your extended workforce of independent contractors, rehired retirees, or qualified on-demand project specialists. You get the workers you need to meet the demand of your company - all without investing large amounts of money or time in full-time recruitment. Managing people is no easy task. With a contingent workforce in place you can say goodbye to on-boarding, off-boarding, collecting time sheets, W-2s, 1099s, running payroll, handling employee relations or any other aspect of the employment life-cycle. Our proprietary online portal offers both you and the employees real-time information that is a click away. Now you can focus on what truly matters to your organization - your growing business.

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