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Sales Force Automation & Analytics Solution by Experion Technologies

Some details

The client was established in 1946 near Northern Italy with a focus on childcare products. The Group currently specializes on two main business areas: Baby care and Health care products, and had a turnover of €1442 million in 2016. The client has about 5000 employees spread out over its 21 branches worldwide (12 in Europe), with 5 production units present throughout the European Union. The client was pursuing an aggressive

development plan expanding into new territories-especially the emerging markets. Expecting an increased competition from established players in the market, the client wanted to adopt sales force automation tools, for the required agility and speed to operate in these markets. The sales team highlighted that the intuitive user experience, insightful and real-time analytics (BI) capabilities of FieldMax® helped it to stand out above the other competitors.

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