Swag.com: an ecommerce web solution: Ezetech Web Development project at Qualified.One

Swag.com: an ecommerce web solution by Ezetech

Some details

Swag.com is a New York-based eCommerce startup launched in 2016 that provides custom-designed promotional products for brands: stationery, glassware, devices, accessories, clothing, and others.

To make Swag.com a perfect selling machine and bring their ambitious ideas to life, our experts have added multiple complex functions such as a logo color detection, multiple logo placements, custom price

calculation based on the number of colors on the logo, associated products suggestion, discount system, and many others.

Technology Stack
Back-end: Node.js
Front-end: React.js

Team: We started working on the Swag.com eCommerce website development with a team of two developers, and now, there are five developers, two QA',s and one PM working on the project as a dedicated team.

Duration: Ongoing from July 2016

Read Case Study: https://eze.tech/portfolio/swag/

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