Koyfin: an analytics platform: Ezetech Web Development project at Qualified.One

Koyfin: an analytics platform by Ezetech

Some details

Koyfin is a New York based FinTech startup offering web-based analytics and visualization platform for investors to track and research investment ideas. The platform focuses on time series analysis, statistics, screening, news/social media and custom indices, and portfolios. The assets they track are stocks, indices, fixed income, foreign exchange (fx), commodities and economic


Technology Stack
Back-end: Node.js
Front-end: React.js, d3.js

Team: Ezetech started the project with a team of two developers which soon grew to include five developers, two QA engineers and a project manager

Duration: Feb 2016 - Dec 2017

Read Case Study: https://eze.tech/portfolio/koyfin/

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