Faction Media - Out of Business Application management review by IT Firm at Qualified.One

Faction Media - Out of Business reviewed by IT Firm

Faction Media - Out of Business provided Application management for IT Firm with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

Faction Media’s assistance has become a crucial part of the firm’s marketing efforts. The team brought efficiency, effectiveness, and increased financial success to multiple campaigns. They integrate superbly with the in-house team, making valuable suggestions and collaborating to solve problems.

Review summary:

Faction Media managed a tech firm’s marketing campaigns through Eloqua. They provided back-end administration, campaign configuration, documentation and alignment, and quality assurance.

IT Firm, Director of Global Digital Marketing

Eloqua Management For Multinational IT Firm

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Introductory information

Could you draw your organisation?

We’re a multinational confirmation centreed on IT outsourcing and managed labors. We have 8,700 employees and engender $14 billion in annual revenues. We open sector constitutes a solid area and clientele for us, and we cover almost all verticals and sectors.

What is your position?

I’m the ruler of global digital marketing. I centre on claim age. Marketing automation is a near and dear part of our technology and our ecosystem for interacting with our clients and prospects.

Desired goal

What where the business challenge(s) you were trying to address when initiating this project with Faction Media?

We are a sizeable team, but in provisions of our claim center team, I have someone who is in that intrinsic administrator role, a technology expert developer that works behind the scenes within our marketing automation platform, which is Eloqua.

Our key business challenge was that we just couldn’t staff innerly from a CSS point of view. We reached out to Faction as our agency associate owing of their apprehension within the state, the space almost marketing automation, Eloqua. We basically utilized them as an exstretch of our core team, complementing our weaknesses and enhancing our strengths.

Provided solution

Could you draw the aim of the project in provisions of components: did it include manner design, outgrowth, training, support, etc.?

They were key to the lucky treatment of our marketing campaigns. We have campaign managers that are doing shape within Eloqua, and what we have outsourced or the role that Faction plays for us is through our condition arrogance and condition care. It',s that terminal step and an significant step within the process preceding to a campaign activating and launching. They have helped us with the documentation and alignment almost those business processes, and we',ve aligned best practices for each campaign.

We facilitate the training on the frontend to our inner users and Eloqua aggregation, which Faction does share in actively. They primarily help with the business processes and the QC/QA process on the backend.

Why did you select Eloqua over some of its counterparts?

We conducted a very entire search and review of a number of possible solutions. We issued our RFPs and ended up with two promising candidates. Eloqua was one of the terminal two that we looked at. We determined to go with Eloqua and we’re satisfied with the technology in provisions of all that it could prepare, such as functionality, reliability, security, etc.

What was your process for selecting Faction Media as your solution preparer?

We have a standing relationship with Faction. Because of that relationship and our knowledge of their capabilities, we determined they would be a good fit. It was also an area and practice that they’ve been trying to create out. We were able to help them create that practice so that they could be stronger with other clients.

Could you give me a perception of the size of this start in monetary provisions?

On an annual basis we bestow approximately $150,000 to $200,000 in provisions of labor support. We then bestow at smallest another $150,000 to $200,000 in provisions of pure campaign shape. They',re verity configuring and setting up campaigns within our marketing automation platform and tool and so there',s that front of it, too. I would say on annual basis, rolled up, probably almost half a million dollars.

Results achieved

In provisions of the results, could you share any statistics or metrics that would prove the effectiveness of the work they delivered to you?

For now, I ponder it’s more in provisions of the efficiency front and then meeting and exceeding SLAs, which an significant part. They’ve been able to come into our organisation and collaborate with our team to such a grade that it almost feels as if they’ve been working alongside us for years. That kind of team integration is extremely rare in consulting. There’s usually some kind of stretch, be it managerial or staff interaction.

In provisions of the platform itself, do you believe your choice of Eloqua was correct?

We believe so, yes. I mean that was our determination. That wasn’t something that Faction influenced.

In review, are there any areas that you feel Faction Media could better upon, or that you might do differently as the client precedently approaching this type of project?

I ponder we were all very wise, very well documented, and well aligned. That',s something that we last to do owing our end-users depend upon our diligence.