JUKIN Media Identity: FINIEN Branding project at Qualified.One

JUKIN Media Identity by FINIEN

Some details

",Delivered beyond my expectations!",Jonathan Skogmo Chief Executive Officer

We were engaged by Jukin Media for a fast-paced rebranding initiative of a startup in high-growth mode. We started by dissecting a multi-layered business model in order to identify the unique solutions that the brand represented to each of its three key audiences: video creators, brands/media partners, and the viewing

public. Brand personalities were developed and emotional connections with their tribes were uncovered as we set out on the branding of multiple sub-brands as well as the umbrella brand identity.

The Jukin brand identity design tells the story of the relationship between Jukin Media and its content creators, a select few are being brought into the spotlight, and those lucky ones see tremendous and immediate growth. Telling this story in a unique and powerful visual manner, we brought the immediacy of viral growth up front and center with a logo that leaves a lasting impression.

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