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FINIEN Design services in Long Beach

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Design costs at FINIEN

STARTER: $10,000—$50,000

  • Dedicated designer
  • 3+ revisions
  • Basic Photoshop graphics
  • Simple flyer design
  • Minimal brochure design
  • Power point slides design
  • Business card design

BASIC: UP TO $10,000

  • Professional graphic designer
  • No revisions
  • Basic Photoshop graphics
  • Templated brochure design
  • PPT slides template
  • Simple business card design

INTERMEDIATE: $50,000—$200,000

  • Art direction
  • 10+ revisions
  • Packaging design
  • 3D graphics
  • Photoshop graphics
  • Flyer design
  • Company brochure design
  • Icons and illustrations
  • Power point slides design
  • Name card design

FINIEN key services in Long Beach

FINIEN design services in Long Beach

Our FINIEN graphic designers are known by various design projects, including packaging, infographic and print design.

FINIEN visual graphic design services in United States

Starting with a business card design, we provide a full-service graphic design support for clients in United States and all over the world.

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Best Design agency FINIEN in Long Beach

Named a 'Top Branding Agency' by Clutch in 2018 and 2019, we are a purposefully small consultancy that specializes in creating strategic, verbal and visual brand clarity.

Packaging design in Long Beach

Tactile and visual real-life impression is underestimated now. Most of United States businesses treat Digital as a priority, but having a well-done creative packaging can boost your sales - just because it's a direct way to the customer's heart.

Long Beach design servises often incorporate packaging as a part; however, it is worth considering a company with specialization on graphic design to ensure you get truly professional, astonishing result.

Powerpoint presentation design in PPT

Being somewhat transitional between the offline and digital design, PPT presentation slides design is in-demand for numerous businesses, startups and self-employed entrepreneurs in Long Beach. The challenge is to make your presentation both informative, stylish and well-looking (even viewed via a not-that-good projector).

Long Beach business card design

Perhaps the most straighforward way to establish a business relationship is a good old business card. This simple, but effective marketing bullet hits the target directly, unlike the billboards, display advertising or all other modern formats (except for the PUSH notifications, maybe).

Design a flyer in Long Beach

Another example of the evergreen marketing classics is a flyer. To design a flyer (and print it) means to get a cheap, reliable and easy distributable tool to communicate your message to the audience. The best option is to utilize flyers for reaching the local Long Beach audience.

Print design in Long Beach

Generalising the previous point, let us make a short oberview of typical Long Beach print design services:

  • Brand packaging design
  • Catalogue design
  • Stationery design
  • Letterhead design
  • Corporate brochure design
  • Presentation design
  • Professional flyer design
  • Environmental graphics
  • Business card design
  • Food packaging design
  • Billboard design
  • Pamphlet design

Infographic design in Long Beach

Anyone who deals with a large volumes of information is aware that it's crucial to visualize it properly: the data is useless unless it is well-organized. Infographics is the way to present statistical (or other) information in a lovely-looking and conceivable way. Normally in United States these services are provided by graphic design companies. It's always better to reach the local Long Beach company, but it's likely that you will not find one with such a narrow specialization.

Fabian Geyrhalter is a brand strategist and creative director who was born in Vienna_ Austria_ and has been living in Los Angeles for over half his life He understands that any venture can turn into an admired brand if developed in an intrinsic_ holistic_ and methodological manner <_p>

Fabian has deep expertise in guiding companies through their brand transformations_ and FINIEN has been sought out by companies such as Marriott International_ Warner Brothers_ Match Group_ Honeywell_ Kaplan_ and Randstad His thoughts on branding<_b> have appeared in publications like Inc _ Forbes_ Entrepreneur_<_em> and The Washington Post <_em> <_p>

All three of his books<_b> became international Amazon best-sellers and turned into go-to resources for entrepreneurs and marketers alike From his Resonaid brand strategy workshops<_b> to the Hitting the Mark podcast<_b>_ Fabian is in a constant stimulation cycle_ which is clearly visible when he advises clients or shares his insights with his followers <_p>

He is also a sought-after speaker who enjoys traveling the world to hold keynotes and group workshops albeit virtually during pandemics_<_em> where he shares his actionable brand advice in an engaging and direct way <_p>



These are customizable to 20 to 45 minute formats and are usually followed by a Q_A_ a book signing and_or a fire side chat <_i><_p>

On The Branding Couch With Fabian Geyrhalter<_b> – Brand Therapy lecture to be followed by a deep dive into audience brand pain points<_p>

Bigger Than This<_b> – How to turn any venture into an admired brand<_p>

How To Launch A Brand<_b><_p>

10k speaking fee_ travel in business class_ minimum of 2 nights in a Premium hotel<_p>

10k speaking fee_ travel in economy Plus_ minimum of 3 nights in a Premium hotel<_p>


5k speaking fee_ travel in business class_ minimum of 2 nights in a premium hotel<_p>

Please inquire to discuss<_p>