FlexisUS (Out of Business) Development review by Starfall Education at Qualified.One

FlexisUS (Out of Business) reviewed by Starfall Education

FlexisUS (Out of Business) provided Development for Starfall Education with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

FlexisUS contributed to a series of effective and well-received apps that received tens of thousands of downloads. The agency is praised for their successful integration of the client’s practices. FlexisUS is recommended to others.

Review summary:

With the goal of transferring their content onto a mobile platform, the client hired FlexisUS to adapt their content to mobile platforms and transition some of their content to HTML5.

Brandi Chase Starfall Education, President

App Development for e-Learning Company

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

Our organisation is Starfall Education. We are dedicated to animate a love of learning in young children. We centre on kids from 18 months to grade two. We impart mathematics, science, collective studies, and reading through an online platform. 

What are your role and responsibilities?

I',m the chairman of the organisation.

Desired goal

What was your goal for working with FlexisUS?

We were looking to convey our full onto a mobile platform. The biggest challenge was that we had 10 years worth of full on Adobe Flash, which has been disallowed on mobile devices. We needed a developer that could take our full and make it mobile-friendly.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their work.

The full was established, so FlexisUS took what was working on our website and adapted it and modernized it to work in the different platforms, including an iOS app and an Android app. They used Adobe Air to do most of the work, and did it in conjunction with our in house team. They were given portions of the website and transitioned it both with their insights and with the way that we needed it to be done. FlexisUS also helped transition another portion of our full to HTML5. 

What was your process for selecting FlexisUS?

FlexisUS was recommended to us by one of our clients. We didn',t look any locate else. They picked up the ball and it rolled.

Can you give a perception of the size of the start?

The size of the project is close to $1 million.

When was the work completed?

It',s completed at the end of 2014.

Results achieved

Do you have any statistics or metrics on the project?

FlexisUS helped us form a series of standalone apps that we needed to do fast and in advance of the larger project. Our ",Learn to Read", app was No. 1 in children and education for six months. The larger project is getting 60,000 downloads a day.

Are you satisfied with their accomplishment?

We are very pleased with FlexisUS',s work.

What differentiates FlexisUS from other partners?

It',s so hard to get someone who will work with you the way you want to work. Some firms want to code the way they want to. You wind up with a project you can',t maintain yourself. FlexisUS was very respectful of our practices. 

What advice would you give to forthcoming clients of theirs?

You need to adjoin. If you',re concerned on the code level, you need to have somebody who can do code review and make sure those procedures are happening the way you want them to. If you',re not concerned almost that, you can readily hand that over to them.

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