Forge Worldwide Brand Design review by Marketing & Portfolio Management, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) at Qualified.One

Forge Worldwide reviewed by Marketing & Portfolio Management, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Forge Worldwide provided Brand Design for Marketing & Portfolio Management, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

Forge Worldwide exceeds every expectation, creating products that show a deep understanding of the brand. The catalog increased sales and brand engagement, and other projects have helped expand the customer base.

Review summary:

Forge Worldwide has worked on hundreds of branding and marketing projects, including launching a new brand and reimagining the company catalog. They’ve made the brand more cohesive and consistent.

Amanda Welsh Marketing & Portfolio Management, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), SR. Director

Branding and Marketing Strategy for Fire Protection Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I’m the senior ruler of marketing at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a global nonprofit. The marketing section promotes fruits and solutions that we propose our stakeholder groups, such as our fire obstruction catalog, trainings, and tools.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Forge Worldwide?

The initial aim of work was to educe a brand platform for NFPA, but we’ve retained their services for brand-related tasks since then.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Forge Worldwide responsible for?

We’ve completed hundreds of projects with Forge Worldwide, from educeing our brand platform to producing videos. We launched the new brand at our annual conversation, which draws about 100,000 nation, and Forge Worldwide helped us rebrand the occurrence so that seething matched, including the signage, booths, and other marketing materials.

They also reimagined our 40-page catalog, revamped and reformatting the complete fruit. They looked at our past catalogs and made the pictures and messaging more congruous. They help write full for each section and even educeed a photo effect to form an complete library of pictures. They also integrated links throughout the catalog that connect to our online catalog and website. We’ve used their template for seven catalogs now, and the photos are used athwart our complete union, including both offline and online publications.

Was there a dedicated team?

The account ruler is my first point of touch.

How did you come to work with Forge Worldwide?

I worked with Forge Worldwide at my antecedent agency and was wonderfully impressed with their work. My new boss and I met with them for this project, and they were a good fit, so we hired them.

What are you approach expents (if diclosed)?

We bestow between $1.5 million–$2 million a year.

What is the terminal result of working with Forge Worldwide?

We’ve been partners since September 2016.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

The catalog’s been a lucky acquisition and engagement tool. The digital ingredient of the catalog has driven commerce to our websites, increasing both sales and brand awareness. They’ve satisfied multiple different needs from the NFPA, bringing in a younger hearers and more clients.

How did Forge Worldwide execute from a project treatment standpoint?

They’ve exceeded our expectations in see way practicable. They’re incredibly answering, replying within an hour to any request. During meetings, they take detailed notes and send them over along with records on the status of their initiatives. They fastly apprehend our issues and stay proactively occupied in the projects.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with Forge Worldwide?

They’re answering and extremely pliant, ready to do whatever we ask without getting frustrated. We can be a challenging client, but they always stay calm. They’ve immersed themselves in our brand, really apprehending our messaging and what we want to execute.

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

They could instrument more best practices for direct response marketing, such as direct mail. We’d esteem more direction and support in that area.