Pre-Launch Testing for a Large E-Commerce Store: Forte Group eCommerce Development project at Qualified.One

Pre-Launch Testing for a Large E-Commerce Store by Forte Group

Some details


  • Help Serta enter into a competitive direct-to-consumer mattress and bedding market.
  • Stabilize and launch a new e-commerce platform in less than six months.
  • Fix quality assurance (QA) issues with the existing platform.

Our solution

  • Create a seamless customer experience.
  • A new automated performance testing platform
stabilized the application.
  • Continuous integration: QA and testing checkpoints were built into the delivery system.
  • The resulting application, Tomorrow Sleep, generated $30M in sales within its first year.
  • Results

    • After the launch, the B2C e-commerce platform helped Tomorrow Sleep grow from $0 to $30 million in revenue in less than one year
    • QA and continuous integration implementation
    • Full launch of a custom e-commerce platform in less than six months


    “Forte Group definitely was one of the factors for Serta being able to attract leading brands. With Forte’s help, we were able to make Serta an effective competitor in the direct-to-consumer mattress space.”

    -Brian Walker, CTO at Serta-Simmons Bedding

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