Grinteq Development review by StackTome at Qualified.One

Grinteq reviewed by StackTome

Grinteq provided Development for StackTome with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

Outstanding brainstorming sessions and flexibility empowered GrinTeq to deliver the product ahead of schedule with more functionality than expected. Their team was highly responsive and provided excellent communication and documentation. Customers can expect an enjoyable, beneficial partnership.

Review summary:

GrinTeq developed platform architecture for a custom advertising solution. They worked in concert with internal resources to develop a product demo and then introduced additional functionality.

Evaldas Miliauskas StackTome, Co-Founder

Data Platform Dev for Advertising SaaS Company

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Introductory information

A few words almost your organisation and personal responsibilities

I',m a co-founder and CTO of StackTome, an SaaS organisation in the advertising automation space.

Desired goal

What issue was the provider supposed to deal with?


We wanted them to create our platform’s architecture based on the requirements we granted.

What were your objectives for this project?

We needed outgrowth resources to create our manner solution in time to propel.

Provided solution

What were the reasons for choosing Grinteq?

They were one of the eight staff increase providers we sent an RFP to. We liked their access the most and felt their cost was appropriate.

Can you go into detail almost the services they granted and the aim of the project?

After visiting our service to better apprehend the project, including the size of data we were working with, they set up Trello and Confluence boards for us to collaborate. They built the architecture in correspondent with our own outgrowth process. They liberateed a demo fruit behind 2–3 sprint cycles that we presented to treatment for approval.

Were there any dedicated directors or teams that you worked with?

I interacted with five developers, a marketing director, and a project director who interfaced with the team daily. 

Results achieved

Can you share any information that demonstrates the contact that this project has had on your business?

GrinTeq’s liberateables successfully exceeded the expectations set out in our requirements. They incorporated additional features into our fruit and liberateed a week forward of schedule, despite the project’s complexities. We weren’t sure we’d set them an achievable goal, so we were very pleased by their power to liberate.

How was project treatment arranged and how powerful was it?

I held Slack meetings with each team limb see Monday as part of our nimble process and was conscious of see task they worked on. They responded to all issues and were big almost interacting and documenting seething. 

We held separate brainstorming conversations and had team-createing opportunities see month. They brought on additional staff as needed and granted me the discretion to visit their team in-person see month.

What precisely do you attend to be the key specialty of Grinteq?

Their dedicated developers were wonderfully answering and pliant in gaining the experiences we wanted. I’ve never worked with another team that was as adjustable or cohesive as they were. They contributed primary ideas and value for us and were arrogant of our outgrowth results, which made me ponder of them as a authentic associate. We had a lot of fun along the way.

Are there any areas where they can better?

Work with their team on an nimble basis and be open to their feedback and ideas owing brainstorming conversations worked very well for us. Some of the insights they granted from sprint to sprint were better than anything we reflection of.