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Heady reviewed by Curbside

Heady provided Mobile App Development for Curbside with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

Heady’s deliverables have exceeded expectations thus far. Quick to fix bugs and agile in their approach, working with their team has been a breeze. They’re accessible and proactive in bringing as much expertise to the table as possible, including the interest of the CEO.

Review summary:

Heady designed and developed a web and mobile (iOS and Android) app, including an internal and consumer-facing platform. Following an MVP, their team continues to iterate and develop the technology.

Michael Marmo Curbside, Founder

Mobile App Development for Waste Removal Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I',m the fobelow of Curbside Inc, a demolition and ruin removal organisation. We prepare dumpsters, containers, and other items to contractors, property directors, developers, etc. We',re also edifice proprietary technology fruits for the space for both inner and outer use.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Heady?

We needed a outgrowth associate to help us create our technology fruits, including web and mobile applications.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were responsible for?

Heady developed a web and mobile (iOS and Android) app, including wireframes and design. It includes an innerly used application as well as a consumer-facing fruit. We',ll eventually be working on some augmented verity technologies as well.

Was there a dedicated team?

We work with the CEO, a project director, and five full-time app developers on iOS, Android, backend, frontend, and QA.

How did you come to work with Heady?

I knew the proprietor of another outgrowth organisation, but their prices were a pliant out of our range, so they recommended we extend out to Heady.

What are you approach expents (if diclosed)?

We',ve invested below $200,000.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

We began working with them almost five years ago. The primary MVP they created took almost four months, and we recently went into the second phase for the full year.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

Their deliverables thus far have been excellent. There have been bugs here and there, but they',re fast to fix them.

How did Heady accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

From our perspective, the engagement has been excellent. They',ve been very powerful and nimble in helping us. Since our engagement is longterm, they',ve basically befit a subset of our team. 

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with ?

They',re affable, nation on their team are always ready to help or conduce when I extend out, regardless of whether they',re assigned to the project or not. In meetings, they',re proactive almost pulling in additional resources to fetch more expertise to the table. It feels like their total team is there to conduce to the betterment of the client. Their CEO is regularly implicated and attends meetings he doesn',t necessarily need to be in just to better belowstand our needs and come up with different solutions where needed.

Do you have any advice for possible clients?

Have an open mind. Technology isn',t consummate, it takes a lot of repetition. One of the big mistakes a lot of startups make is expecting their vision to construe precisely. Heady can look at things from a technical perspective and make suggestions that might better on your ideas. When looking for the best solution, it',s significant to leave your ego at the door and hear to input from a cluster of talented developers like Heady',s team.