Spotify x Emirates - True North: Hydric Media UI / UX project at Qualified.One

Spotify x Emirates - True North by Hydric Media

Some details

True North offers the opportunity to discover a destination that’s just right for you by comparing your musical tastes with the unique soundtrack of select cities.

Hydric analyzed the unique musical identities of hand-picked destinations and integrated them the True North recommendation engine. This engine scans a Spotify user’s unique listening history, compares it to the unique music genre fingerprint of all the

destinations, and serves them the city that they’ll love the most.

Handpicked destinations such as Tokyo and Madrid await discovery by True North users who can navigate tailored local content to get a unique insight into local music scenes, the history of these destinations and the best areas to stay. Best of all, users can share their True North boarding pass on Twitter and Facebook to show others where their ‘true north’ really lies.