Northwestern Mutual: Hydric Media UI / UX project at Qualified.One

Northwestern Mutual by Hydric Media

Some details

LearnVest enlisted Hydric to build native iOS and Android applications for their parent company, Northwestern Mutual.

Working with sensitive time constraints, Hydric began constructing the iOS application while the LearnVest team was still building the APIs necessary to power the app. To support LearnVest in this process, Hydric applied its solution architecture expertise to guide both parties through the process of

creating RESTful APIs.

With an even tighter deadline than iOS, completing the Android app required a sizeable team of Hydric developers to work concurrently. To facilitate this, Hydric created a custom set of development guidelines for the programmers to adhere to, ensuring consistency and efficiency during the project, and allowing LearnVest’s rapidly growing Android team to ramp up quickly on delivery of the app.