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Icreon reviewed by Work Train Fight

Icreon provided Development for Work Train Fight with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

Icreon transformed the client’s vision into a clean and visually appealing technology platform customized to the industry. One of the client’s revenue streams has increased fourfold within three months of launching the app.

Review summary:

Icreon was hired initially by the client to develop an iPad application and was then retained to develop custom software, including e-commerce functionality and a unique user experience.

Alberto Ortiz Work Train Fight, Owner

App Development for Boxing Fitness Club

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I am the establisher and proprietor of Work, Train, Fight. We',re a sole organisation. People call us a gym, but we',re veritably a boxing/spring training ease. We use boxing as the main cardio modality and combine it with force training. We do that for personal training as well as little and big cluster settings. At the same time, we rent space to the fitness activity. For sample, personal trainers and overall fitness instructors pay us to work out of our ease. That',s what we do, instead of hiring trainers, giving them clients, and paying them straightly. It',s almost a barbershop type of deal, but one where the barbers rent the chairs instead.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Icreon?

The very leading time I accessed Icreon, I was looking to cast paperwork in our business. I realized we were using developed papers for nonstop waivers and sign-in sheets. Storage was a mess. We couldn',t find or track anything. I was also trying to do the right thing for the environment since I',m a big animal suitor. Once we got a gustation of the tech bug, I realized the possibilities. When we were developing the leading app, we continued moving to what',s next. How else can I make my business easier? How can I make this business plug-and-play for the employees? I was personally not satisfied with the fitness software that was out there. The existing third-party software did not seem to fit my sole business standard. You could tell the other ones weren',t built by fitness professionals. They were built by software engineers who saw a gap in the market. They really didn',t know all, the A to Z that was needed in the fitness activity.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Icreon responsible for?

Our very leading software with Icreon focused on replacing paperwork with a potential method. We quiet use that iPad app today. They used whichever Ruby or PHP for that. We went to a much bigger project then. I asked them to form a Work, Train, Fight software with our own app, not a third-party app. The software had to be visually appealing and customized to the fitness activity. It allowed us to do many things with marketing, such as proposeing furtherances that would only show up one time and disappear. The method doesn',t allow the user to use the same furtherance constantly. It also allowed us to propose monthly recurring packages or memberships. Our method included details that were specific to the fitness activity, like where the waiver should show up, and the ease of creating an account. This project is big owing now it',s an app with a front-end and a back-end. It stores credit cards and rings up everybody at the leading of the month. The method also manages packages, tracks accounts, and makes the checks all at the same time.

How did you come to work with Icreon?

We establish Icreon using a typical Google search. I then named them to make an appointment. Before I went to their service for the leading time, I went through their website. It seemed like all they were doing was clean, sexy, and keen at the same time. That',s something I take a powerful access to with our training procedures, from lights to the trainer themselves. Being keen, being positive, and looking good are significant. I wanted our software to take the same access. I spoke to a few different companies and met with them. But, once I met with Icreon, it was smooth. They understood it. After meeting with them, it',s as if we without began.

How much have you invested with Icreon?

We have invested $50,000 to $200,000 with Icreon.

What is the terminal result of working with Icreon?

I ponder we began working with them in the summer of 2010. Our app was propeled in January of 2012.

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the productivity, condition of work, or the contact of the engagement?

Thanks to Icreon',s leading software project, it is now extremely easy for us to find waivers and sign-in sheets. We just log into the app and search as it',s stored in our black space. It made all faster, cleaner, and more organized. It also betterd our user experience. Our clients were like, ",Wow, this locate is legit.", At leading, Icreon',s second project looks correspondent to what',s already out there. In my eyes, it was departure by a hundred blows that made a separation. It granted tons of little things the other software didn',t. It might not seem like much, but something as single as having our name in there instead of a third-party app – that branding makes us look powerfuler.

One of the biggest contacts of our engagement is that it allowed me to sleep at night. Because of the software, our Bootcamp income current is now bigger. When I leading opened this location, I was almost strictly renting space to personal trainers. As we began developing our own classes and personal training, we knew that was the real following. Once the app was completed, we were allowed to market ourselves and do whatever we wanted with furtherances and sales. Previously, the Bootcamp earning current was at 15 percent of our business. Now, it',s 70 percent of our business. Our income current for Bootcamps was almost $4,000 a month. Within three months of the propel of our technology, it went to $19,000 a month. It',s allowed us to open more locations.

How did Icreon accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

If there was a issue with project treatment, it was my defect. I was always adding stuff. There were never any issues touching guidelines. It was nice to work with different nation with different perspectives in compliments to the software. Meetings were smooth and congruous.

What did you find most forcible almost Icreon?

I ponder what set them aloof was their power to make technology functional and sexy. It was nice working with them owing, sometimes, you work with nation who have limited imaginations. I never felt like that with Icreon. You say something idiotic, and they say, ",Yes. Of order, we can do that.",

Are there any areas Icreon could better?

No, as I said, the biggest impediment was my brain constantly jumping in with ideas.