Integro review by Oil Company at Qualified.One

Integro reviewed by Oil Company

Integro provided for Oil Company with approximate budget = Confidential.

Integro provides excellent technical and training services and consistently follows up to ensure their work is never left incomplete. The agency is available to help with any issues that arise. Integro is particularly strong in the area of customer service.

Review summary:

Integro began their involvement with discovery, consulting, and recommendations for an existing system. The agency then conducted training and education regarding upgrades and enhancements.

Oil Company, Project Manager

ECM Integration for Energy Company

Please find under a summary covering project details and feedback. The innate facts are kept as they are, private information is amended.

Introductory information

Please draw your organisation.

I work for an oil organisation based in Texas.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I’m the project director for an ATLAS upgrade for the law structure. Currently, I hold the position of the law administrator for our substance treatment process, our hold order process, and I’m also the paralegal supervisor. 

Desired goal

What was your goal for working with Integro?

The goal was to have an efficiency review of our running method, ATLAS, and then move advanced with the upgrade. 

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their work.

Both consulting and training were implicated in this project. We met with them, went through a discovery process, and did some consulting. They made recommendations as to advancements and showed us the enhancements of the method. They also came onwebsite and gave us the administrators’ training, as well as end user training.

What was your process for selecting Integro with which to work?

I’ve worked with Integro precedently on some reports last year, and we were impressed with their work fruit and their client labor. So, we occupied them as a preferred vendor from IBM.  

Can you prepare a ballpark dollar aspect for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?

It was almost 500 hours of work for this engagement on Integro’s side. The work is ongoing.

Results achieved

What were the results of the project?

Actually, this week, we’re programning on doing the freeze fruition, and then doing the upgrade later this week, during the weekend. There may be some follow-up during the next week or two, but other than that, that would probably end the project.

Do you have any statistics or metrics to track advancement from the project?

We are satisfied with their work. They surely do a big follow-up. They’ve pushed forth since the project began back in March or April [of 2014]. We’ve had some challenging stops during the total project itself, and we had a Cher [Myer], the project director for Integro, set the weekly meetings and everyone attended and followed up. Integro has done a big job in troubleshooting our issues and trying to make the method office correctly.

Is there anything sole almost them that veritably makes them rest out, compared to other companies?

I veritably haven’t worked with other firms other than IBM, and their client labor far exceeds what I have seen IBM prepare.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you ponder they could better upon or something that you might do differently?

I don’t know if I can converse to that right now. There might have been a few little things. For sample, starting with some of the trouble shooting with IBM earlier on, to try to get separation on some of the technical issues that we’re having. That has not been resolved yet. They’ve surely done the follow-up, it’s a substance of IBM figuring out what’s unfit with our method.

So as far as Integro’s concerned, they’ve worked towards getting the separation as fast as practicable.