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Full-service Asiam-American Communications agency.

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interTrend Communications is an award-winning full-service communication agency based in Long Beach, California, helping corporate America target Asian American segments such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Asian Indian and Filipinos nationwide.

We house a family of entrepreneurial brand units that build to our core expertise across digital content and experiential.

Architecture for Dogs is a new collection of sincere architectural designs developed in collaboration with world-class architects and designers with the shared mission of bringing a new kind of joy to the relationship between dogs and humans. Conceived by Kenya Hara Creative Director of MUJI and Co-founded by Imprint Venture Lab Architecture for Dogs has traveled to Sao Paulo Chengdu Tokyo Miami Long Beach Shanghai Kanazawa.

Imprint Lab was founded to investigate global creative culture and foster cross-pollination between business and creative entities. Both Imprint Culture Lab and Imprint Venture Lab strive to foster conversations that become collaborations ideas that become movements concepts that become brands. We bring the most interesting people to the podium the most fascinating audience to the floor and potential energy to reality.

Narrative Plentitude is a movement aimed to depict the complexities and diversity of all modern day ethnic minorities - especially for those who feel like there are not enough stories being told about them in mainstream entertainment. ’Narrative Plenitude’ is a term reclaimed by award-winning novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen. He explains that he along with other Asian Americans live in a narrative scarcity economy in which we feel deprived and must fight to tell our own stories told by mainstream culture that either distort or erase us. Why? Hollywood continues to project the same stories over and over again. There is a lack of stories being told about poor Asians sane Asians or Singaporeans who are not Chinese — all of whom deserve their stories to be told authentically to the world and not forced to live in a narrative already templated out by mainstream entertainment. Asian-Americans are not alone in this. The concept of narrative scarcity exists for all minorities. In order to break the cycle we must work together to inject our own truths and realities into the world. We must fight to tell stories that are raw real and bring truth to who we really are. No matter how good or bad the narratives are the key is to achieve more. Even the mediocre ones.

POW! WOW! Long Beach is a week-long city-wide public art event that will take place in the summer throughout Long Beach and is part of the globally recognized POW! WOW! Worldwide series of street art events which since 2010 has brought murals to public spaces in Honolulu Seoul Washington D.C. Taipei and Tokyo. In the past 4 years Pow! Wow! Long Beach has executed murals in over 40 square miles throughout the city from South Street to Ocean Boulevard creating a walkable bikeable public art experience unlike anything else in the country.

Unexpected Connections brings together the highest level creative minds across diverse fields including art design technology business and food. Intimate conversations will drive new perspectives over a series of one-on-one conversations. These connections will serve as the catalyst for ideas that will propel creative culture to new heights. is an online forum created to provide health-related information and products to the Chinese-speaking audience in America. 17 Healthy focuses on exploring ingredient at its very raw stage. We present the core benefits and the original outlook of each ingredient rather than the finished product.

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For over 20 years, we have been successfully helping Fortune 1000 clients nurture and establish brand leadership positions in this emerging market through an integrated mix of advertising, public relations, promotions, events, and interactive strategies v