E*Trade: Shorten the distance from impulse to action: IPNY Digital Marketing project at Qualified.One

E*Trade: Shorten the distance from impulse to action by IPNY

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CHALLENGE: Stimulate new account momentum for E*TRADE by finding a different way to communicate with the active trader. Ethnographic research showed that the answer was the importance of the E*TRADE platform’s superior technology and what it represented to the target.   For the seasoned investor, better technology shortened the distance between their gut feeling about a stock and the emotional

payoff they would get from making a successful trade.


SERVICES DELIVERED: Market research, data analytics, digital creative, email, content marketing, design. 


RESULTS: E*TRADE’s “Shorten the Distance” campaign included over 40 variations of digital display and email creative units, tested and optimized by IPNY in record time. Online applications surged. Our most effective creative ran unbeaten for 20 months.

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