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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Someday is today by IPNY

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CHALLENGE: Despite funding extraordinary blood cancer cures, The Leukemia &, Lymphoma Society (LLS) had low brand awareness compared to key competitors like the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen. Because the public had little knowledge of the progress LLS had made, donations – a key source of research and patient support - had stagnated.


SERVICES DELIVERED: Market research, data analytics, Out-of-home, mobile, web, design, content marketing, website design, digital strategy, production, print, fundraising marketing.


 RESULTS: In developing our new brand positioning for LLS, our research led to a key truth: The more you can show real progress, the more people will listen and support you. This is the idea behind the messaging of the “Someday Is Today” campaign. It confronts the public with the surprise value of LLS success to date, such as jaw-dropping improvements on cure rates and new therapies facilitating care for millions.  In just one year, national brand awareness rose 14% among core target segments, image ratings on key attributes like “saving lives” and “enabling better quality of life” rose 15%, and intent to donate rose 23%. When all elements of the campaign ran together, LLS experienced an astounding 50% lift in daily website donations, with site traffic and social media viewership increasing more than sixfold.

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