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City of Hope: Science is miraculous by IPNY

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Challenge: A leading Los Angeles cancer research and treatment center, City of Hope was renowned for high-quality holistic cancer care but was not getting credit for its scientific innovations (bone marrow transplants, four of the world’s leading cancer drugs, etc.). Our goal was to enhance City of Hope’s leadership perceptions for both science and care among patients, caregivers and



Services Delivered: Market Research, Digital Strategy, Design, Video Production, Content Marketing, Web Design and Development. Mobile, Television, Out-of-home, Print

Results: Tracking research shows that as of April 2018, brand awareness of City of Hope in Los Angeles is up 13% vs. the benchmark to an all-time high of 79%. Similarly in Los Angeles strong image growth is shown on key image attributes since the campaign’s start (e.g., “saves lives” (+18%), “cutting edge science and research” (+17%), “is a leader in the fight against cancer” (+17%). FY 17 online donation growth in advertising markets showed a remarkable 27% growth vs. the prior year, and patient discharges have consistently passed marketing goals.

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