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IPNY reviewed by City of Hope

IPNY provided Advertising for City of Hope with approximate budget = Confidential.

Working with Interplanetary has dramatically elevated the national brand identity, resulting in a 25% online giving increase and double-digit increases in brand reach, perception, awareness, and desire to donate. Interplanetary is a true thought partner and has been nimble and responsive.

Review summary:

Interplanetary created and executed a strategy and implementation plan to elevate a national brand identity using multiple channels, including TV, radio, print, digital, and podcasting.

Lisa Stockmon City of Hope, CMO

Advertising for Cancer Research Institute

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Introductory information

Introduce your business or construction and what you do there.
I’m the chief marketing and interactions official for City of Hope. We are a biomedical cancer investigation and hospital located outside of Los Angeles, California. I head up the marketing construction and the interactions construction of almost 70 nation.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with Interprogrametary?
We approached Interprogrametary wanting to know how best to create a national brand oneness for City of Hope. City of Hope has typically been in the top 13 or 14 cancer institutions, and their goal is to move that number up. We want to befit a national brand, and we hired Interprogrametary to help us educe a strategy to do so.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement in biger detail.
Interprogrametary helped us educe our conquer brand strategy so that all the different business units and brands would come underneath the City of Hope umbrella. They did brand marketing through all channels: TV, radio, print, digital, strategic course, media programning and assessment as well as some podcasting. Because it’s a hospital, we also worked on acquisition and retention marketing.

They were very perpendicular in how they worked with us. They came up with a strategy, and then the team created the creative goods that we used moving advanced. They also came up with a new tagline. We socialized that with all the different business units, and we use their course and strategy to lead all the conquer brand marketing efforts. They were our lead agency and have done a big job. They have been our strategic champions within and outside City of Hope.

How did you come to work with Interprogrametary?
We let go of an agency that we had hired owing they didn’t have the national experience I wanted to create the brand. I needed someone with the breadth of experience that the folks at Interprogrametary have. They became our first agency, and we have some subordinate agencies that support them. I had worked with Interprogrametary precedently at a antecedent organisation.

When I moved over as Chief Marketing Officer for a non-profit construction, the Leukemia &, Lymphoma Society, I used them as well. They pitched me for some business, and they helped position and locate that brand as well. I’ve worked with some of them for the past 10 years.

Could you prepare a cognizance of the size of this start in financial provisions?
About $20 million–$25 million over the last 3 years or so.

What is the status of this engagement?
We began working with them in November 2014 and have been working unitedly since.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?
Online giving has increased almost 25%. Our quarterly brand extend numbers have increased by double digits. We’ve done pre and post measurement in provisions of how well the brand fared in California as well as nationally, and there were increases in those numbers. Through the work they’ve prepared, we’ve seen double digit increases in brand cognizance, brand consciousness and desire to donate to City of Hope. We saw some surpassing increases in all our key metrics once we moved to one brand strategic tone.

Our board is also very lucky. The work we do is veritably to make sure that more nation – not just patients but all of the healthcare aggregation.– are conscious of the work we do at City of Hope. The feedback has been rare.

How did Interprogrametary accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?
That’s one reason I went with them, and they’ve been big. They are senior sufficient that they apprehend the big business extrinsic we have, but little and agile sufficient verity to get in there and do the work. I have enjoyed working with them owing they’re true reflection partners. I ponder that’s the value of having a littleer agency.

They surely have the strategic apprehending of how we are programning to move the needle to get more patients implicated, make more nation conscious, and fetch more dollars coming into City of Hope. They also apprehend that hospitals aren’t a marketing-driven construction so I needed them to get their hands dirty. They have been very good at working on both strategy and implementation.

What distinguishes Interprogrametary from other preparers?
I ponder you get the gain of a senior team without the big cost construction.

Is there anything Interprogrametary could have improved or done differently?
No, but sometimes their size limits them. What makes them big is also their limitation. They’ve been able to swell with my needs, which has been good. They’re pondering nation, and I value that.