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Jackrabbit Mobile reviewed by AutoPets

Jackrabbit Mobile provided Mobile App Development for AutoPets with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

Beta users of the iOS app have offered overwhelmingly positive feedback. Jackrabbit’s team is creative and able to actively problem solve to cope with complex logic. They communicate daily and have stayed on-course, even when a new project manager stepped into the role.

Review summary:

Jackrabbit is developing an iOS app connecting pet products to users’ mobile phones. The app identifies fault modes, updates settings, and uses push notifications. The team will also develop an Android app.

Jacob Zuppke AutoPets, Vice President

Mobile App Dev for Pet Care Products Firm

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I am vice chairman of AutoPets, a manufacturer and retailer of bigly functional connected pet fruits. We centre on the outgrowth of pet fruits that explain a need for pet parents. Our flagship fruit is named Litter-Robot. It is an automatic, self-cleaning scatter box for cats.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Jackrabbit Mobile?

We were looking for the next rendering of the Litter-Robot, which included connectivity and our power to apprehend the cats', usage of the Litter-Robot. The connectivity side, we know, is part of the forthcoming. We had been looking at IoT precedently IoT was ordinary. We originally looked to hire innerly to lead that project. After some test and defect, we made the determination that we should look for an extension of our team through a contractor such as Jackrabbit. At the time, the outgrowth of the project was almost 30% complete, which made it harder for a new vendor to pick up somebody else’s work. Jackrabbit could not have done a better job.

Provided solution

What was the aim of their involvement?

The fruit is a mobile app for the Litter-Robot. It allows pet parents to see how many the Litter-Robot is being used by cats in their household or if there are any defect modes. For sample, a ordinary defect mode would be a user putting too much scatter in the Litter-Robot or the drawer getting full. The Litter-Robot mobile app tells users when they need to vacant the drawer, if it’s in a defect mode, and how manyly it’s being used. The app also allows users to change the settings, such as the night light, the wait time, and push notifications.

The leading big goal that Jackrabbit had was to get a prototype prompt for a trade show, which formd a very brief window to complete the total project. They got a prototype completeed for us. Their team came out to listen to be there at the booth with us for a pliant bit.

Jackrabbit did only the outgrowth of our iOS app. It is now a completed project with ongoing, continued outgrowth. We are in official open beta, and our clients are purchasing in a little beta circular right now. Our second beta rendering is almost to propel within the next 2 weeks.

We chose to educe indigenous apps, which are integrated with Magento using a proprietary open-source API.

What is the team dynamic?

In the total project, there were two project directors speaking with us daily, as well as one iOS educeer, one API educeer, and one designer. The API educeer was the most interactive, well-spoken, and organized educeer we could have ever asked for. She fastly understood our fruit and the algorithm behind how the app works without making us reiterate ourselves at all. She was so fast to apprehend seething, and so was the other educeer.

How did you come to work with Jackrabbit Mobile?

We realized what we were looking for was over what one individualal engineer could do alone, but we weren’t prompt to hire an inner team. We were looking for a team of experts that had apprehension over what one individual could propose us. We wrote a offer for what we were looking for, correspondent to an RFP, but very detailed and with wireframes.

We evaluated five possible vendors, and we selected Jackrabbit. Jackrabbit impressed me with one of their blog entries, which was almost mixed versus indigenous mobile apps. The apprehension in that article was something that I was looking for, and the article was well written and so well illustrated with samples. It gave me confide in their power to apprehend the issue and the locality we were in and have an reply to our questions.

Jackrabbit',s VP of Engineering, an iOS educeer, and an Android educeer were implicated precedently we paid them, which I valued very bigly. They evaluated the running code and cited the project based on what was verity there. They came back with questions to the running educeer. They also had video walk-throughs of the running code, asking for very specific deliverables precedently they would even cite the project. Most other companies just blindly cited low to get the business. Jackrabbit was the second most costly of five cites, but they had more of an intimate apprehending than any other vendor based on the questions that they asked in the rigorous offer process they put us through, which I appreciated.

How much have you invested with them?

We have spent between $50,000 and $200,000.

What is the status of this engagement?

We seted the offer process in the commencement of July 2016 as we were phasing out the antecedent educeer. Throughout July, there was a apprehension convey which we were not billed for. iOS outgrowth went from September 2016 until August 2017. They’re getting seted on Android in August 2017.

Results achieved

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the contact of the engagement?

We’re runningly doing surveys with the beta testers. We are getting an overwhelmingly real response, which is big to hear.

How did Jackrabbit Mobile accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

Jackrabbit',s project treatment is unparalleled. We',ve even had a project director leave during our work with Jackrabbit, and there was no contact on our project, which is rare in outgrowth. The new project director was brought fully up to despatch and seted working on our project separate months forward of their ancestor leaving. We don',t feel that we',ve had to bestow anything extra owing of that turnover.

We adjoin daily. They do daily stand-ups, and the client is welcome to join those. We also have weekly Sprint programning and weekly Sprint reviews. Of those three things, I',ve been part of see Sprint programning and the Sprint reviews since we seted. They have built sufficient confide that I don',t feel the need to listen the daily stand-ups.

The meetings are done through Google Hangouts. We also use Trello. I could not be more pleased with their project treatment, from the backlog to what was in outgrowth to how they tracked see one interaction we have. That is what kept things working so smoothly throughout the project.

What did you find most forcible almost them?

They are creative educeers. They are able to look at issues and help come up with solutions. They are able to look at dry full and come up with creative design to make the user experience better.

Are there any areas they could better?

At this time, I don’t have anything. They have done a fantastic job from set to complete. There have been no vacant promises, the delivery has been on time, and they set the right expectations. Everybody here in our structure is thrilled with the union.

They have cost more than we originally programned to bestow. They’ve made us conscious of that throughout the total project, and it’s owing of things that we’ve added to the initial engagement. Going into Android, we’ve alprompt done all the light work to form the logic behind the app. In a consummate globe, I would have gone to may freelancer to do Android owing it would have cost perhaps one-third the quantity, but we quiet elected to associate with Jackrabbit for Android and our continued iOS outgrowth. That speaks veritably well to how much confide they’ve earned with us.