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KDG reviewed by G Technology

KDG provided Development for G Technology with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

KDG’s initial build of the software has already significantly improved productivity across different departments. They also continue to be very attentive and responsive to client needs, providing further development, support, and testing as needed.

Review summary:

KDG is designing and developing a custom field management software that allows employees to input and track information both in the office and in the field.

Toni Guerrero G Technology, CEO

Communication Software Dev for Electric Company

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Introductory information

A quick introduction on the buyer’s organisation

I',m the CEO of G Technology, an electrical contractor.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with KDG | Kyle David Group?

Our main challenge was interaction between our office and employees in the field, so we reached out to KDG to help us develop a software to bridge that gap.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were KDG responsible for?

KDG designed and developed a field management software, connecting internal office interactions from the field to the office. They initially met with our team to go over requirements and goals, and then provided wireframes followed by development. The platform allows employees to enter and track work orders, time, payroll, materials, equipment, and notes. 

What is the team composition? 

We worked with about four people at first, but we now work with a couple more as we move into different phases of the project. 

How did you come to work with KDG | Kyle David Group?

We',d worked with a different firm in the past, but their deliverables were a complete mess. Then, a friend of mine recommended KDG, so we reached out to them and liked their solutions much more.

What are you approximate expents (if diclosed)?

We',ve invested about $50,000 on the first phase of work, which includes a foundation of a platform we',ve began to use, and we anticipate it will cost about the same for the next phase. 

What is the final result of working with KDG?

We',ve been working with them since April 2017.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or evident results?

The first version of the software they built has already streamlined many internal workflows, allowing our team to start inputting work orders and tracking time. Our new ability to track the status of different projects in one place has significantly benefited different departments throughout the business. 

How did KDG | Kyle David Group perform from a project management standpoint?

They',re very attentive, proactive about following up in interaction, and dedicated to ensuring the software is running properly. Whenever we experience any bugs or issues, their team is quick to fix them, provide testing, or even go back to the drawing board when necessary.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay attention while dealing with KDG?

They',re very professional and bring a lot of wonderful ideas to the table. They apply their expertise to help us avoid pitfalls, providing feedback where they can improve the product.

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

Nothing comes to mind.

Do you have any advice for potential clients?

I',d recommend working with them regardless of whether or not the scope of work has been clearly degoodd. They',re good at guiding clients and providing advice on different solutions specific to the organization',s needs. 

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