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Graphic design and marketing solutions for small businesses, startups + nonprofits who want to take their brand to the next level, without breaking the bank.   Hi all, my name is Kelly. After over a decade of experience in corporate and nonprofit enviro

Left-brained Creative is a full-service design agency with a focus on branding and information design (i.e. infographics charts graphs and visual storytelling). Our mission is to provide high-quality graphic design solutions so that you can be proud of your brand identity and visual messaging.

In all honesty were a bit of an oxymoron here at Left-brained Creative. Yes were designers in the creative industry. However were left-brain dominant. We are hard-wired to be analytical detail-oriented and we approach problem-solving with logic. There are no pie-in-the-sky designers here who ghost on your emails.

We have a listen-first mentality and seek to understand. We are committed to excellence and doing the right thing. Left-brained Creative succeeds when you succeed so we want to hear about your goals and what your company represents at its core. 

As for design our top priority is to communicate your message as clearly as possible. This is achieved through thoughtful design and empathy for how your audience consumes information.

Left-brained Creative was founded by creative and brand manager Kelly Strine. With over a decade of design experience in the corporate and nonprofit environments and several industry degrees Kelly is an expert at her craft.

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My experience includes creative and brand management where I directed, executed, and published the creative and marketing collateral across print, web, email, blog, and social media channels. I also dedicated nearly half of my career to a global financial