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Jamar: Digital Transformation at its best by Koombea

Some details

Jamar is a traditional but visionary brand that has been furnishing family homes for more than 60 years. Jamar not only sells furniture but has built a financial business around credit and loans.

Jamar went from an inexistent digital presence to building their whole product portfolio online. For a company like Jamar to take its brick and mortar retail store into the digital world is not an easy task. There are a handful

of complex components to consider and no loose ends can be left hanging.

Koombea helped Jamar to propagate the technological culture within their company and was able to successfully integrate all of the business', core systems for them to work in harmony with the newly implemented eCommerce.

To learn more about this case study visit: http://bit.ly/koombea_jamar_casestudy

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