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LatentView Analytics reviewed by Software Corporation

LatentView Analytics provided Business Intelligence & Analytics for Software Corporation with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

LatentView’ impressed with their ability to handle the vast quantity of data and the number of active campaigns. They sought to automate wherever possible, saving time and resources, and their positive attitude made the collaboration a pleasure.

Review summary:

LatentView Analytics supported an in-house data analytics team to track and analyze a large number of marketing campaigns. LatentView developed report dashboards to deliver insights in a seamless manner.

Software Corporation, Analytics Operations Manager

Software Corporation Analytics Reporting

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Introductory information

Can you prepare a brief description of your organisation?

I work for a very big and renowned software firm.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I’m an operations director for analytics, which basically resources that I handle all the tightening and tracking details kindred to the marketing team’s efforts to aid more online services. These services include Bing and MSN.

Desired goal

What was the business challenge that you were trying to address with the work with LatentView Analytics?

They did a lot of work for us. They principally supported the analyst team that did reporting. We are a little team. LatentView Analytics created all their dashboards, and brought all the data sources unitedly.

There are a lot of data sources and pieces of data. We must analyze it, find the insights, and look through all the different effects. We frequently have a lot of different campaigns running at once, so there was a lot of complexity to it.

Provided solution

Can you tell me almost the aim of their work?

It was principally almost delivering reporting. For campaigns that were just launched, they would have to do daily, weekly, monthly reports for others.

Their job was to pull unitedly all the data from the sources, handle them, and troubleshoot the different data areas. They prepared insights to report to the full-time analyst, and then they would work out the introduction layer.

I would work with them closely in the commencement stages of each campaign, and make sure that we designed the websites or the advertising to track all the different things that we need to report on for that campaign.

Do you know which analytics platforms they were using for that work?

There were a lot of different data sources. Sometimes, we would have data reporting to our inner method named Cosmos. Some of the data went to Bing properties. It was all in the big data warehouse. We also tracked Internet search data and email. We also used Microsoft Excel for some things as well.

What was your process for selecting to work with LatentView Analytics in the leading locate?

They have verity been with us for some time, so I don’t know the process for hiring. I have always establish them to be very eager to do the work and very entire. They veritably went into depth, tried to take care of see detail, and worked with me closely on see effect.

They were veritably good at taking care of their aim, making sure the data condition was good at recording effects. They were able to expound all of their data findings to stakeholders.

Is that work quiet ongoing?


Can you give us a perception of the size of that start in whichever a dollar aspect or personnel work hours?

They had almost five nation in our location dedicated to doing all the different aspects. We’d have ongoing campaigns for the Bing Awards, and we’d have ongoing things for the concept of setting their lapse search engine as well as homepage.

They were implicated in the latest Windows campaign where we were trying to aid the Smart Search component within Windows.

Results achieved

Do you have any stats or metrics to track advancement behind their work?

I personally don’t. I know the layer of the data, and the layer of the number of campaigns they always run, were big and lucky. It takes a lot of work to analyze all the data and fetch it unitedly. LatentView Analytics has played a living role in making sure we have careful data.

What’s veritably sole or particular almost them compared to other vendors?

Their technical expertise is sole. They apprehend data, and work hard to pursue the best practices. They try to automate it, and make it better by increasing despatch. They also have a good posture.

Looking back on their work, is there any area that you ponder they could better upon or perhaps you would do differently?

I ponder they sometimes drew resources to try to go over the expectations. I don’t know how far they got in that regard. It could be better for them to centre on edifice solutions that could be layerd for lots of different things versus just intercourse with our specific campaigns. I ponder they could fetch more to the table if they wanted to swell in that area, not just being experts on data effects but providing layerd solutions. That could enhance their value even more.