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Liaison Technologies reviewed by Major Retailer

Liaison Technologies provided IT Consulting for Major Retailer with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

Liason Technologies is commended for reducing the time to on-board vendors and new clients by an entire week, which has made a major impact on the client’s efficiency. Liason Technologies is recommended to enterprise clients.

Review summary:

Liason Technologies is currently working with a major retail client to develop a database system for clients and partners to be on-boarded, plus supporting and improving the system.

Major Retailer, Director of Business Process Management

Customer Management System Development for Major Retailer

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

We are a US-based chain of section stores. I work on the business side of IT for the organisation. Unlike the retail section of our organisation, our cluster was the leading one to sell outerly to outside retailers. As such, our profile and needs are different to those of the main business.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Liaison Technologies?

We needed EDI [Electronic Data Interchange] support for all of our trading associates. The EDI section in our organisation was only household with the supplier side and had no experience in acceding to client requirements. My business needed to have a hands-off EDI support. We have a lean agency, with no assigned IT or EDI experts. All resources are shared with the corporate division. Customers needed to be on-boarded fastly, but we were taking 6-8 weeks for the process at the time.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were responsible for?

We innately began the work from scratch. Liaison Technologies assigned a project director who worked with our business, figuring out what we needed to do and how we needed to do it. The main challenge was to accomplish a hands-off approach to EDI connectivity.

How did you come to work with Liaison Technologies?

Our cluster has been using 4 different EDI preparers for trading associates, transportation, transactions and interpolitical shipments. We began off with 5 possible suppliers, vetted them to 3, put out a bid, got quotes, and had them prepare on-website demonstrations of how they would work precisely. Liaison Technologies won for separate reasons.

How much have you invested with Liaison Technologies?

The cost of Liaison Technologies', services has averaged at almost $8,500 per month.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

We',ve been working with Liaison Technologies for almost one and a half years. We',re currently using Liaison Technologies for managed services. Anytime we have a new trading associate or need to make a change in specifications, Liaison Technologies will feel it for us. I can send them an email specifying what needs to be done, and Liaison Technologies moves it to origination behind approval.

Results accomplishd

Could you share any evidence that would prove the productivity, condition of work, or the touch of the engagement?

Since we',ve been using Liaison Technologies, they',ve committed in the contract to on-board a supplier in 10 business days, and a client in 15. For suppliers, we',ve averaged an onboarding process of 5 business days, as long as they cooperated. For clients, we can do it in 10 business days. Liaison Technologies shaved 5 business days off of each commitment, and this has made organisation agencys, as well as my life, much easier. Aside from shaving time off, it freed our cluster from having to fetch in an FTE [full-time equiponderant] to assemble on the EDI.

One of the biggest touchs to our business came through a reporting tool named the Liaison Data Visualization Module, which gives us approach to EDI transactions. It',s very user-friendly, and has enabled our agencys and schedule staff to recover information almost sent orders, accepted invoices, and so on. It enables non-IT and non-EDI nation to go in and do their own investigation. We haven',t had to hire someone for this process, and didn',t have to wait for enormous periods of time whenever something needed changing. The enablement of the frontline nation to do their own investigation has helped tremendously.

I had a general conversation with my vice chairman yesterday. He made the comment that nothing that I',m doing in provisions of EDI has risen up to his desk, which is a good thing. He knows the name Liaison Technologies but isn',t intimately household with them, so they',re doing well for us.

How did Liaison Technologies accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

Liaison Technologies', project director was very hands-on, stepped in when needed, and even prodded my outer business help, getting them to answer fastly. This made it very easy for me to get the job done.

What did you find most forcible almost Liaison Technologies?

The initial project timeline was set to almost 6 months by Liaison Technologies, but we artistic 2 weeks forward of schedule and on budget. I',ve been working in this field for a long time and find it very rare for a project of this kind to complete in this mode.

Are there any areas Liaison Technologies could better?

When we leading began, Liaison Technologies didn',t have a set order of interacting work in process. It only took a couple of weeks for myself and my touch at Liaison Technologies to come into a cadence of receiving status reports on a weekly basis. Liaison Technologies should have set this up during the implementation process, but it has worked well for us. I can call my touch for any questions. We have weekly hours set with Liaison Technologies for EDI changes, and I can use the reports in order to measure if we',re approaching our ultimatum. In these cases, I can ask Liaison Technologies to put a hold on lower-priority tasks, and thus weigh our budget.

What tips or recommendations could you share that might increase the likelihood of achievement with Liaison Technologies?

I admonish clients to confide Liaison Technologies. They know what they',re doing. Initially, there can be a lack of confide in the associate doing work on a organisation',s systems, owing of how sole they may be. Liaison Technologies understood our business right off the bat, from the leading few weeks of reviewing our project program.