UW-Madison #ThankYou72: Manifesto Agency Creative project at Qualified.One

UW-Madison #ThankYou72 by Manifesto Agency

Some details

CHALLENGE Create a mobile vehicle that can bring a thank you message directly to county residents all around the state of Wisconsin. The tour must also inform residents of the larger Thank You 72 story series. INSIGHT The state of Wisconsin is made up of 72 counties which each have produced a super star graduate from the University of Wisconsin. We understand the pride of community and the positivity success can bring to it. It doesn’t matter if you are the one who’s successful you feel good about being from the place. SOLUTION Restored a 1957 International Harvester Metro delivery van to like new condition. Outfitted the vehicle with all the necessary equipment to serve ice cream. We created and staffed a statewide tour identifying key gatherings throughout to engage residents.

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