Sam Adams - I Am Boston: Manifesto Agency Creative project at Qualified.One

Sam Adams - I Am Boston by Manifesto Agency

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The Assignment: Create a unified design system—supported by activation ideas—to convey Sam’s partnership with the Boston Marathon, and other Boston-based sponsorships. The materials should remind people that Boston is “our city,” sparking a feeling of pride and a shared ownership of the city and its beer. The Idea Narrative: This is a city where aspirations are fulfilled. Where people unite in pursuit of their passion to push themselves beyond the breaking point. Beyond the bounds of expectation to a podium built of victory and accomplishment. A city that moves to a beat all its own. A heart pumping pride down city streets lined with people of every nationality, of every race, religion and creed. Whose voices fill the air with harmonies of praise. Positive and tenacious. Loud and glorious. Like the patriot’s bugle playing a celebratory song. A song of urgency and love. A salute to the city that holds them, and to the people that it holds. One day a year, Boston is without boundaries. This home of Sam Adams, the Red Sox and Fenway Park, the Boston Marathon ... it becomes home to us all. A day where you and I dissolve into WE. On that day, each and every one of us can say … I Am Boston.

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