Paylocity Rebrand & Site Launch: Manifesto Agency Creative project at Qualified.One

Paylocity Rebrand & Site Launch by Manifesto Agency

Some details

Paylocity was challenged with the opportunity to step into the enterprise-level brand they were meant to be. As one of the first cloud-based solutions rooted deeply in a culture of caring more, our work involved a year-long brand evolution project. The singular insight? That Paylocity',s culture fueled a new kind of currency—that of care. Conducting both qualitative and quantitative research, Manifesto helped to determine that

their unique value to clients focused on their incredible culture and care not just for client',s today, but for their tomorrow. Paylocity',s onlyness emerged as both a rally cry and declaration of their approach to client partnership: Forward Together. 

- Qual. &, Quant. Research 

- Focus Groups

- Brand Strategy

- Positioning 

- Brand Playbook Development

- Website launch &, Brand Asset Builds

- Brand Illustration

- Anthemic Video Content

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