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We know how hard it is to manage the costs and time involved in maintaining a quality IT department. Our services support companies with a wide range of outsourced business network management, process consulting, and workflow development. Our highly train

Migrating to the cloud keeps your business competitive. But with so many companies touting expertise in cloud services how do you choose the best partner? What does the transition from existing technology to cloud-based solutions look like and how do you maximize IT investment value? Lets dig in.

Cloud computing is more than just ’renting’ someone elses server. You want a cloud computing services partner with expertise in all aspects of cloud services including:

Not all cloud solutions are the same. Consider these key areas when evaluating potential providers.

Well help you transition from in-house physical servers or virtual infrastructure to outsourced infrastructure and guide you through the selection process of which cloud server is the best fit for your business. To empower this process weve partnered with top-tier services including:

Our technicians receive regular education and certification and we use the same cloud services we recommend — so you know you are getting expert advice. In addition MNS Group has earned an industry reputation for superior project management and excellent support.

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We provide a fully staffed help desk, network monitoring center, and administrative team. We supervise your network to ensure minimal problems occur. As partners we will keep your investments in technology aligned with your business goals. Your systems wi