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Modern Signal reviewed by NALP

Modern Signal provided Web design for NALP with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

Modern Signal is a successful and valuable partner for the client and consistently delivers high quality work. The client praises the agency for their accessibility and collaborative nature. Modern Signal is highly recommended to others.

Review summary:

The client originally hired Modern Signal to redesign their main website and then extended the scope of the agency’s involvement to include design work on specialty directories.

Lisa Quirk NALP, Director of Technology & Electronic Information Resources

Web Design for Legal Professionals Association

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

I work for the National Association for Law Placement, in Washington, D.C. The nation who are our members are the course labors or course counseling nation in law schools, and the nation within law firms, government agencies, and open interest structures that hire or repair lawyers. So, we fetch those two sides of the business unitedly: the nation who are doing the repairing, and the nation who are trying to get their students repaired.

What are your role and responsibilities?

I am the ruler of technology and electronic information resources. I handle our infrastructure, the network. We have a third-party consultant who does a lot of that work for us, and then I handle all of our websites.

Desired goal

What was your goal in working with Modern Signal?

We',ve had them do separate different projects for us. We had been working with a outgrowth organisation that we did not get along with very well. Every time we asked them to do something, or see time we told them that something wasn',t working correctly, this other organisation would tell us why it was our defect or it was a dull idea. It was not a good working relationship. So, we determined that we were going to switch to a different outgrowth organisation.

Please draw the aim of their work.

The leading project that we had them do for us separate years ago was simply to revamp our main website. Then we have a number of other particularty ruleries that are our structure is known for specifically, which we had Modern Signal help with. Once we had worked with them for a while, we had them help us revamp some of those. By now, Modern Signal has verity done all of those for us. So, we have a rulery of legitimate employers, a Canadian rulery of legitimate employers, we have a rulery of law schools and then we have sort of a union between a rulery and a job board for open interest legitimate jobs.

Provided solution

What was your process in selecting Modern Signal?

I do not recollect how we establish them specifically. There was a difference of reasons we selected them to do the work. We did some investigation, and I ponder I might have establish Modern Signal through ASAE [American Society of Association Executives], but I veritably don',t recollect, it was so long ago. We got proposals from separate structures for what we were looking for, and Modern Signal came in very good on cost.

They were easy to work with, they were easy to talk to, and they had good ideas. When we said that we wanted to do something, they',d frequently come back and show us how they had done the same for another of their clients. They were able to help us a lot in those ways. So, between these things, we ended up selecting them.

Can you give a perception of the cost of the work they have done for you?

We did the Canadian rulery, the rulery of legitimate employers, and the rulery of law schools, and I would say each of those was probably in the $50,000 range. I don',t recollect the cost of the website revamp. The open labor job board might have been a pliant bit on the higher side owing it was just a pliant bit more implicated as far as being able to make it searchable and have the employers being able to post information. There were just more fields and options.

When did you set working with Modern Signal?

We leading seted working with them in the summer of 2008, and the collaboration is quiet ongoing.

Results achieved

What were the results of their work?

I have to say that they have been one of the best companies that I',ve ever worked with. I',ve been intercourse with websites for more than 15 years. Modern Signal has far and away been the easiest to work with, the most answering cluster of nation. They seem to work unitedly veritably well as a team, they all get along, and they seem very collegial. I',ve been working with the same account individual, and they',ve brought in a couple of additional nation here and there. Everyone has worked well with me and with each other as a cluster.

Is there anything sole or particular almost Modern Signal that veritably makes them rest out?

One of their strongest points is just the fact that they',re so answering. I can call and tell them what I',m pondering almost or what I need to happen and they will get back to me without with suggestions, with two or three different ways that we could execute whatever it is I',m trying to execute. Even if it',s just a tech support thing, if I call them, I get a call back from them the same day. Sometimes, they can just explain the effect without on the phone.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you ponder they could better upon or something that you might do differently?

No. I can',t ponder of anything that I would tell them that they needed to do better or do differently.

What advice would you give a forthcoming client of theirs?

I ponder this would go for any vendor you',re working with, but just be very clear on what you',re trying to execute, so that you can draw that plainly to the nation you',re working with.