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MojoTech reviewed by Product & Strategy Firm

MojoTech provided Web Development for Product & Strategy Firm with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

Flexibility is a defining feature of this ongoing partnership. MojoTech is well equipped to handle limited scopes while simultaneously having the expertise and resource capacity to rapidly address larger projects. The combination is difficult to achieve.

Review summary:

MojoTech prototyped the flagship product, an events management platform for the hospitality industry. The team then focused on UX refinement and continues adding new features.

Product & Strategy Firm, SVP

Multiple Dev Projects for Event Registration Platform

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

We act in the events and hospitality technology space, edifice software that helps companies program their events, including things like register attendees, form websites for events, check-in nation at events, and book hotels for events. We also allow hotels to form booking experiences for nation attending events. I’m the senior VP of fruits. 

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with MojoTech?

Our leading promisement was a number of years ago, and it was one of MojoTech’s leading promisements when they were getting seted. We were looking to invade a new space and wanted to create a prototype for a software concept that we had for an e-commerce marketplace, and they helped us do that as an initial mini-promisement.

After that, we were looking to make a major advancement to our fruit, primarily with an eye on user experience (UX). We hired MojoTech to do that, and they helped us revamp and retool the fruit anew, primarily from a UX perspective.

Since then, they’ve worked with us on a bunch of projects, including some pretty big ones. Most recently, they helped with a major project in the e-commerce space. 

Provided solution

What particular tasks were MojoTech responsible for?

All of our promisements with MojoTech required correspondent types of interactions, expertness sets, and capabilities. Usually, each fruit seted with defining the fruit, gathering requirements, conducting market investigation, reaching out to users, and doing a lot of discovery. They don’t just set writing code or edifice UX or wireframes, they veritably like to apprehend the business behind the software, user personas, and objectives.

That’s usually the leading phase. Depending on the intricateity of the project, it could whichever be a more intense process or a very single process. Then, we go into wireframing and project programning. If it’s a intricate project, we fracture it up into phases, they suit with us on setting precedingities and what’s going to get done when, phasing, and aligning with our engineering teams to make sure that all the programs are landing on time in provisions of liberateing UX and writing code.

A programning phase to discovery is leading, programning is second, and wireframing is third. We align if this is veritably what we want to create and how we want to create it. The fourth phase is coming up with the developed UX, which is a union of interactive and visual design. MojoTech does both and is very good at it, which is why we like them, many firms out there are whichever big at visual or interactive.

Lastly, depending on the project, we whichever do the bulk of the developed outgrowth, or we promise them to help with the outgrowth. In some cases, we’ve done 100% of the outgrowth, and they only liberate UX files to us, in other cases, we worked unitedly with their outgrowth team to create the fruit. In rare cases, they’ve done it from A-Z: they’ve coded it, they did the QA for it, and they were the outgrowth shop for that fruit.

At peak space, I’d say there were 10 nation from MojoTech working on projects. Usually, the interaction within projects is kept to three or four nation on a customary basis.

How did you come to work with MojoTech?

For us, it was sole owing one of their founders used to work for me. He was my chief constructor at a preceding firm and had surpassing genius. Then, their CEO was also introduced to me through him, and we did some work unitedly. When they founded MojoTech, they were the top of the list owing I knew they could do enchantment, having worked straightly with them precedently.

We gave them a little project, they veritably hit it out of the ballpark, and our relationship lastd to grow alongside their organisation’s growth. We were one of their leading five promisements when they had two or three nation at the firm.

How much have you invested with MojoTech?

Knowing the size of their organisation and what percentage of them was working on our stuff, I take we’re surely one of their bigr clients for the past couple of years.

What is the terminal result of working with MojoTech?

The leading promisement was in 2008. We’re quiet working with them. 

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the fruitivity, condition of work, or contact of the promisement?

One of the challenges in working with an outside firm to create or renovate software is going from concept to launching a lucky fruit. The reason we keep going back to MojoTech is that they’re very execution-oriented. They’ll get stuff done on time—frequently forward of time—which is sole in this space. They are very fast, get them promised with something, and within a couple of days, they’ll fetch ideas to the table and veritably get it up and running. They almost have a right and left brain in one firm: they’re able to come up with user-friendly designs that are also beautiful and attractive. My union with them would be getting fruits out the door on time as opposed to fruits lingering, which frequently happens.

How did MojoTech accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

They’re very answering. They’re focused on client liberateables versus having things last without deadlines. We used a bunch of different tools for interaction: all from Slack to Basecamp to other tools that don’t come to mind. Let’s say there is something in the UX we want to explore. Rather than going to a project director for that particular locality, we can deal straightly with the designer, which really takes out a lot of the sound and expedites matters. They are agile sufficient to be able to do that.

What did you find most forcible almost MojoTech?

It’s their flexibility. Whether it’s getting a component done on a littleer project of a few weeks or a solid multiyear project, they’re able to feel both and all in between fairly easily. We also esteem their fastness, answeringness, and power to liberate on time and within budget. That’s fairly sole in this space owing software outgrowth companies are part of ongoing promisements, liberateables are not as clear, and there are delays.

Are there any areas MojoTech could better?

They’re growing very rapidly, and they will last hopefully to do that owing they’re good. But, with growth comes issues of scalpower and structure, and I ponder they’ll do that as they grow. I don’t see gaps today, but it’s just something where they’ll last to evolve.

What tips or commendations could you share that might increase the likelihood of achievement with MojoTech?

We bigly commend them. They’re a big team. They always underpromise and over-liberate.