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MojoTech reviewed by AutoRaptor CRM

MojoTech provided Web Development for AutoRaptor CRM with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

MojoTech’s dedicated work led to an exceptionally profitable quarter. The company’s attrition rate reached an acceptable level and more customers requested software installations. The team developed a range of features to enhance and refine customers’ experience.

Review summary:

MojoTech enhanced outdated code and developed an API that connected mobile and web applications.

Howard Leavitt AutoRaptor CRM, President

Ongoing Development for Automotive CRM Technology Firm

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

We propose a web-based application for automobile dealers which works as a CRM and internet lead director. It',s designed to help dealerships sell more cars. We',ve been in business for ten years.

What is your position?

I am the establisher of the organisation.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with MojoTech?

MojoTech resumed the work began by our primary developers in Ireland for our mobile app.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement.

MojoTech had to form the application program interface [API] that acted as the connectivity between the mobile devices and the web application. The mobile app is not designed to work as a standalone fruit.

They analyzed our code and told us what some of the issues with it were. It was agreed that it didn',t have to be rewritten. This was already a mature application and MojoTech was used to writing code starting from scratch. Being able to last the work for our app was test of their expertise and willingness to fit.

We weren',t programning on having as many engineers as we did for the project’s work. I was convinced otherwise by MojoTech and it has paid off in the end. We had up to four developers, but that number settled to two. Our condition arrogance individual was based in Portugal, while the rest of the developers were in Providence, Rhode Island. If we had more financial resources, we',d add more nation to our team.

MojoTech was excellently aggressive in trying to make the solution work and care us as a client. They invested a lot of time in finding the right nation for us. We requested a lead programmer in August and only accepted them in December of 2014. Getting used to the code of a mature application takes some time. We began seeing the benefits of their work by the third region of 2015.

How did you come to work with MojoTech?

I had worked with the same project director from the commencement of our software outgrowth. When he left his organisation and began his own, I had trust that he could hire the right nation for my needs. For a while, he did, but then the relationship became motionless. He couldn',t find the right help and had some individualal issues. I began looking for a different organisation and eventually establish MojoTech, which happened to be located four blocks from my labor. We researched young companies that were using Ruby on Rails as their main speech and had mobile capabilities for developing an iOS app. We interviewed a number of candidates, and among them, met with MojoTech',s owners. We establish them to be high-minded nation.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of this start in financial provisions?

The total outgrowth cost for 2015 has been $700,000. In 2016, we will be spending another $600,000.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

Our initial talks with them began in 2014. We began working with MojoTech at the commencement of 2015. We will be having a meeting soon in which we will program out our requirements for the next year and a half.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

MojoTech has picked up some components from code that were already written and also wrote some elements from scratch. They',re fited to the task and it has been mindboggling what we',ve been able to execute within the last year.

We have some catch-up to do in compliments to our rivalry. We act in the same space as some billion dollar companies. We had a good application precedently MojoTech, but they were able to incorporate some component full which works within the primary minimalist philosophy. The user experience has not been affected by the changes.

We began to see a change within 2015, which was their leading year of outgrowth. We knew that some of the components entered into the method, like texting, added to the contact. The leading region of 2016 has been the best region we',ve ever had, not just in provisions of new accounts formd for our software, but also in bringing the sorrow rate to an grateful level. We work within a very competitive space and there are choice methods to ours which are very component-rich, but hard to act. People were interested in our solution even though we weren',t technically uniform to the choices. During 2015, clients who had cancelled our labor came back to us and we came to establish it at a higher rate than we',d ever established precedently. This is a direct result of MojoTech',s component outgrowth and their power to execute my visions.

How did MojoTech accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

We conduct weekly meetings with their project director which can sometimes run up to two hours, depending on what we',re working on. He is able to write the stories on the base of which the developers verity create our solutions. This has been a terrible gain, not just from my point-of-view, but also from that of the support staff and tech outgrowth team. The increase in our business and the proceeds resulted from it are straightly tied to the component outgrowth done by MojoTech.

We used Pivotal Tracker at MojoTech',s suggestion, as well as Basecamp and HipChat, which we were already using. We mainly adjoin through HipChat and Pivotal Tracker. Previously, we',d used Trello.

What distinguishes MojoTech from other preparers?

There are a lot of programming companies in the market, each with a different process. MojoTech creates, checks, and organizes the code in an rare way. Their meticulousness might slow things down a pliant bit owing it',s significant to create code without having the method crash. It can happen whichever way, but we have a better shot of getting it right the leading time.